Best Cheap Digital Pianos With Weighted Keys (2024 Reviews)

Whether you’re just starting out playing piano, or maybe looking for one for someone else, it’s natural to want an instrument that sounds great, plays great, that won’t break the bank. But what at the best cheap digital pianos with weighted keys?

The best lower-priced digital piano with weighted keys is the YAMAHA P71. It is an Amazon’s Choice product and a best-seller for weighted key digital pianos. Currently under $500, this lightweight (25 lb) piano features 10 professionally sampled Yamaha piano sounds for a premium piano sound and feel.

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Whether you’re a parent seeking an affordable option for your child to practice on, a school looking for a budget-friendly addition to your music room, or a beginner pianist searching for a quality instrument, choosing the best option can be overwhelming.

Fear not, as I have extensively researched and tested various digital pianos in the market today and compiled a list of your top picks. I’ve covered all the details, from touch sensitivity to sound quality and connectivity options.

Please keep reading to discover which digital pianos made the cut and why they’re worth considering for your musical journey.

Before we move forward, if you’re a beginner and want to buy a digital piano, check out my recent article! Click the link to read that on my site.

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Best Digital Piano With Weighted Keys 

1. Alesis Recital – 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard

The Alesis Recital is an outstanding digital piano with 88 keys, featuring weighted keys with adjustable touch response. This allows you to personalize your playing style according to your preferences. This electric keyboard features five high-quality voices: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass.

Equipped with built-in effects like Chorus and Reverb and two 20W speakers that produce clear and immersive sound, the Alesis Recital ensures an unparalleled playing experience.

Additionally, it provides essential connections, including a ¼” input for a sustain pedal (pedal not included), a ¼” stereo headphone output for private practice, and stereo RCA outputs for connecting to speakers and amplifiers.


  • The two built-in 20W speakers deliver clear, room-filling sound, making it an excellent choice for practice sessions or small performances
  • It provides multiple playing modes, including split, layer, and lesson modes, with 128-note max polyphony


  • The weighted keys provide a different feel than a traditional piano, which is better for experienced pianists or those looking for an authentic piano feel
  • The sustain pedal is not included and needs to be purchased separately

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2. YAMAHA P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P71 is exclusively available on Amazon and cannot be found in any other retail outlets. This digital piano model is highly recommended for beginners due to its exceptional sound quality, weighted keys, and lightweight and portable design.

Featuring 88 fully weighted piano-style keys that accurately replicate the touch and feel of an acoustic piano, the Yamaha P71 delivers a satisfying playing experience. It has a power converter and a sustain pedal for added convenience.

The Yamaha P71 offers a variety of ten distinct voices, including digital samples of tones from actual Yamaha acoustic grand pianos. With the dual mode function, you can combine two sounds, such as piano and strings, to create a unique and immersive playing experience.


  • Includes a music stand and a sustain pedal.
  • Affordable, perfect for beginners
  • Equipped with fully-weighted keys


  • Does not have a split mode
  • Lacks the GHS hammer action

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3. Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

Introducing the Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano in sleek black – an excellent choice for beginners seeking to enhance their playing journey. This digital piano comes fully equipped with all the essentials to get started, including a power adapter, sustain pedal, and convenient music rest.

The Yamaha P45 boasts 88 fully weighted piano-style keys, providing a top-notch playing experience that is authentic and enjoyable. These keys offer a realistic feel, ensuring your playing is expressive and satisfying.

With a selection of ten voices, including meticulously sampled tones from genuine Yamaha acoustic grand pianos, the Yamaha P45 delivers a rich and diverse range of sounds. The dual-mode functionality lets you combine two voices, such as piano and strings, resulting in a genuinely inspiring and distinctive playing experience.

Additionally, the 414.8 – 440.0 – 446.8 Hz tuning range allows for easy pitch adjustment to suit your preferences. Designed specifically for beginners who aspire to learn and develop their musical skills, the Yamaha P45 leaves a lasting impression on novice and seasoned players alike. Its lifelike touch and exceptional sound quality will elevate your musical journey.

Don’t wait any longer – enhance your playing experience today with the Yamaha P45.


  • The Yamaha P45 comes with the option for a furniture stand
  • Features built-in reverb effects
  • Has a dual mode


  • It is more expensive than the P71 model
  • The heavy build makes it harder to move around

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4. Yamaha P125A, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P125A is an 88-key weighted action digital piano in a sleek black color. It is a high-quality digital piano that offers a realistic playing experience with its weighted action and authentic sound reproduction.

It includes a power supply and sustain pedal, providing a comprehensive package for musicians. The GHS-weighted action delivers a heavier touch in the lower keys and a lighter touch in the higher keys, emulating the feel of an acoustic piano.

The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a highly acclaimed Yamaha 9′ CFIIIS concert grand piano, allowing for dynamic and expressive playing. Additional features such as String Resonance, Damper Resonance DSP, and Key-off samples further enhance the instrument’s realistic sound and playing experience.


  • The GHS Weighted Action provides a realistic touch with the keys
  • Reproduces the tone of a renowned Yamaha 9′ CFIIIS concert grand piano, allowing for dynamic and expressive playing
  • Captures the delicate change in sound when the damper falls back onto the strings


  • 2 verified purchasers reported defective units right out of the box

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5. Donner DEP-20 Beginner Portable Digital Piano

The Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano is a full-size 88-key weighted keyboard for beginners. It features adjustable touch response and a portable design, making it convenient for rehearsals, learning, and performances.

With 238 tones and 128-note max polyphony, this piano offers a wide range of expressive voices and clear tone distinction. The double keyboard and control panel allow dual-tone mode and easy access to sustain pedal, triangle pedal, and audio inputs/outputs.

Additionally, the digital piano has a backlit LCD screen for chord names and notation, recording mode (MIDI), an MP3 player, and two 25W amplifiers for enhanced practice and performance experience.


  • The full-Weighted 88-Key keyboard provides a realistic playing experience with adjustable touch response
  • Offers 238 types of tones, including instruments like ukulele, drum, and bass, inspiring creativity and musical exploration
  • Has various multimedia settings providing a richer musical experience


  • The Donner DEP-20 is specifically designed for beginners, which may limit its features and capabilities for advanced players
  • The piano is only available in a dull black color, which may not suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences

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6. Alesis Recital Pro

The Alesis Recital Pro is a digital piano keyboard designed for professional musicians, offering a wide range of features that make it an outstanding choice. With its 88 full-sized, weighted hammer action keys, this keyboard delivers an authentic and immersive piano-playing experience.

Featuring 12 voices, including acoustic, electric, organ, synth, and bass, the Alesis Recital Pro offers a diverse selection of sounds. It also comes equipped with built-in effects like chorus, modulation, and reverb, enhancing your performance with depth and richness. The two 20W onboard speakers ensure the sound is clear and fills the room.

This digital piano keyboard has powerful educational features, including standard, split, layer, and record modes, allowing you to explore different playing techniques and create complex compositions. With a tremendous 128-note max polyphony, you can play intricate passages without any notes being cut off.

Furthermore, the Alesis Recital Pro comes with a 3-month premium subscription to Skoove, offering expert interactive online piano lessons to enhance your skills further. Additionally, you receive 60 free virtual lessons from Melodics, enabling you to master various genres and techniques.


  • Weighted hammer action keys provide a realistic piano-playing experience
  • 12 different voices and built-in effects offer a wide range of sound options
  • Two 20W speakers deliver clear and room-filling sound
  • Multiple connectivity options, including sustain pedal input and headphone output


  • Sustain pedal is not included in the package

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7. Best Choice Products 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano

The Best Choice Products 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Electronic Keyboard Set for All Experience Levels is ideal for aspiring musicians with limited floor space. This digital piano offers a range of features catering to beginners and experienced players.

With its 88 semi-weighted keys, this digital piano provides a balanced playing experience, making it suitable for players at any skill level. The detachable sustain pedal adds versatility by simulating damper-free sound adjustments, allowing for gradual fading or sudden stops of notes and tones.

The compact folding stand is designed to be space-efficient and offers stability during practice or performances. Additionally, the included music stand ensures you maintain good posture while reading your scores, promoting a comfortable playing experience.

The Best Choice Products digital piano provides six different instruments and piano styles, allowing you to expand your skills and explore a variety of sounds.


  • Ideal for aspiring musicians with limited floor space
  • 88 semi-weighted keys simulate the feel of a real piano
  • Detachable sustain pedal for damper-free sound adjustment
  • Compact folding stand and music stand for easy storage and good posture


  • It may not have as realistic a feel as fully weighted keys
  • A limited number of instrument/piano styles compared to some other models

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8. Donner DDP-100

The Donner DDP-100 is a beginner-friendly 88-key weighted action digital piano with a furniture stand, power adapter, triple pedals, and MP3 functionality. With precisely matched finger strength changes, this piano provides a realistic playing experience and a stable feel.

The sound has been meticulously tested and adjusted to ensure a more realistic and excellent tone, helping you develop a keen ability to distinguish sounds. The piano features a streamlined design with a wooden cabinet and a sliding critical cover for added protection.

Its high-quality sound is achieved through pure tones sampled from real acoustic grand pianos, guaranteeing exceptional practice and performance quality.


  • The fully-weighted action of the keys replicates the feel of a traditional piano, allowing for proper technique development
  • The sound has been carefully refined to deliver a realistic and excellent tone, enhancing your playing experience
  • You can connect external devices or headphones to the piano


  • The piano is primarily designed for beginners and may not satisfy the needs of advanced players seeking more advanced features

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9. Donner DDP-80

The Donner DDP-80 is an 88-key weighted keyboard piano designed for beginners. It features a full-weighted digital piano with a heavy hammer action keyboard that accurately captures the strength of your fingers, providing a grand piano touch.

With its advanced French DREAM sound source and 128 max polyphony, this piano delivers a powerful and realistic auditory experience. The piano has two built in speakers, each with a maximum power of 25W, offering excellent sound quality and a stereo surround effect. Additionally, the headphone mode allows for quiet practice without disturbing others.

The DDP-80 showcases a fashionable wood finish color, making it an attractive piece of furniture that can be easily assembled and placed anywhere in your house. The piano’s overall size, including the sheet music stand and four legs, is 136 x 36.5 x 86 cm.


  • The Donner DDP-80 is a Full-Weighted Digital Piano
  • The advanced French DREAM sound source provides a realistic auditory experience
  • The dual 25W speakers deliver high-quality sound with a stereo surround effect, and the headphone mode enables quiet practice


  • The item is currently unavailable, and there is uncertainty about when it will be back in stock
  • The Donner DDP-80 has a limited proficiency level, which may restrict its features and capabilities for advanced players

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10. Starfavor SP-150W Digital Piano

The Starfavor SP-150W is a digital piano with 88 fully-weighted keys designed to give beginners a realistic piano-playing experience. Its graded hammer action and touch sensitivity mimic the feel of an acoustic piano, allowing users to practice with proper hand gestures and technique.

The SP-150W has Starfavor’s exclusive SMS innovative sampling system, ensuring premium piano sound quality. The piano’s dual 30W stereo speakers capture every nuance and detail of your music, delivering a rich and immersive sound experience.

The SP-150W package includes a triple pedal featuring sustain, sostenuto, and soft functions like a real piano. This makes it an ideal companion for beginners and advanced musicians, allowing for expressive and nuanced performances.

In addition to its exceptional functionality, the SP-150W boasts a unique wood grain design that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its stylish appearance makes it more than just an 88-key keyboard; but is also a stylish addition to your home decor.


  • It has a realistic piano feel
  • Starfavor’s SMS smart sampling system ensures high-quality piano sound reproduction
  • It is elementary to learn


  • One thing that could be improved is how a person selects the different tempos

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11. UMOMO U-716 88 Key Weighted Keyboard

The UMOMO U-716 is a beginner digital piano designed for aspiring musicians. It is sleek white and includes a piano bench for added comfort during practice sessions.

The U-716 offers a range of features to enhance your musical journey. It includes a 3-pedal system with soft, sustain, and rear sustain pedals, allowing for expressive control over your playing. The LCD screen provides easy navigation and access to various functions. You can explore multiple musical styles and genres with 31 demo songs, 122 tones, 128 standard GM tones, and 128 preset rhythms.

The UMOMO U-716 also features built-in stereo speakers, delivering clear and immersive sound. The slide cover design adds a touch of elegance and helps protect the keys when not in use.


  • The 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys provide the feel of an acoustic piano.
  • Has versatile functionality
  • USB/MIDI connectivity helps you easily connect to a computer or mobile devices
  • Available in white or black


  • The piano and bench will be delivered in two separate packages possibly on different days

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12. Eastar EP-120 88-Key Weighted Keyboard Piano

With its fully weighted 88 keys, this piano simulates the feel of an acoustic piano, providing a realistic playing experience. The strength-sensitive switch offers a responsive and quick rebound, catering to the needs of different players.

One unique feature of the EP-120 is its touch panel design, which replaces the traditional button panel. This touch operation panel provides clear and understandable controls, making it easy to navigate through various functions. Whether rehearsing, learning, creating, practicing, or performing, the touch panel enhances the user experience.

The EP-120 is equipped with advanced sampling technology, delivering an authentic sound experience replicating a grand piano’s tone. The intelligent tone equalization creates a concert hall-like ambiance, immersing you in beautiful music.

With eight professionally produced sounds and 128 polyphony, the EP-120 offers a wide range of musical possibilities. Whether you want to explore different genres or engage in music creation, these features inspire creativity and allow for expressive performances.


  • Full weighted 88 keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano
  • Clear and understandable controls enhance usability and navigation
  • Eight professionally produced sounds, 128 polyphony, and various features cater to different musical needs


  • It is heavy, so it can’t be moved from one place to another with ease

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13. Setting 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

The Setting 88-Key Digital Piano is a comprehensive package that provides everything you need to start playing. It features 88 full-sized keys with velocity sensitivity and adjustable touch response, allowing for a realistic playing experience. The package includes a wooden stand with an easy-to-assemble design, a music rest, and a comfortable piano bench.

With its superior sound quality, this digital piano offers a range of features to enhance your musical journey. It has built-in premium voices, 80 demo songs, 480 tones, 128 standard GM tones, 200 preset rhythms, and 64 polyphony.

The multi-functional keyboard of the Setting 88-Key Digital Piano offers several convenient features. You can adjust the sound volume, select different tones, control sound recording and playback, and even utilize the keyboard split function. These functions enhance your learning experience, allowing you to play and learn piano more enjoyably and melodically.


  • Includes 88 keys, three pedals, a wooden stand, a music rest, and a piano bench
  • Built-in premium voices, demo songs, tones, and rhythms for versatile playing


  • The piano produces a loud sound

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In conclusion, finding the best digital piano with weighted keys at an affordable price can be daunting.

Still, with this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, a piano on the market today will fit your needs and budget.

I recently discussed the costs of buying a new piano in a recent article. If you’re interested in learning about the different types of pianos and their prices, click the link to read that on my site.

Many great options come with various features, such as different sounds and voices, lesson mode, touch sensitivity, and a built-in speaker system. Additionally, with the advancement of technology, there are even more ways to connect and play your favorite songs through Bluetooth connectivity and USB input.

No matter your playing experience or style, you can find the perfect instrument that will give you the feel of an acoustic piano with hammer action keys and a more realistic feel.

So, don’t let a tight budget keep you from pursuing your passion for music. Plenty of grand digital pianos with weighted keys offer excellent value and quality sound, making them the best choice for home use and intermediate players.

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

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