Can Justin Bieber Actually Sing?

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Justin Bieber has been popular since he was a kid and has been putting out hits for years. Despite the fact that Bieber has always had his haters, most people acknowledge his talent. But can Justin Bieber actually sing?

Here’s what I learned:

Justin Bieber has an excellent singing voice. While his producers do use autotune and other studio effects to enhance his voice, his natural voice, often heard more in his earlier recordings, sounds outstanding.

But people have questioned his natural talent for years.

This is for a number of reasons. Many of these reasons stem from the fact that the music industry is fueled by money and not talent.

This has caused people to lose trust in both record labels and artists.

But with Bieber, how much autotune does he use? Does he use it in concert or even lip sync? You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers.

Let’s go!

Can Justin Bieber sing without autotune?

Justin Bieber can sing without the use of autotune. While some of his songs have autotune in them, Justin does not rely on it. His later music uses more autotune than his earlier work.

Autotune is a tool used by many artists and sound engineers to enhance vocals or make them clearer. And it is important to remember how Justin Bieber got his start in the music business.

Justin was discovered from YouTube, where he uploaded videos of him singing when he was younger. He gained the attention of some pretty important people in the music industry as his popularity grew.

One of the people Justin Bieber caught the attention of was the legendary singer, Usher.

Justin’s background shows that he does not need autotune. Justin Bieber has a natural voice that has the ability to grab audiences.

What Happened to Justin Bieber’s voice?

As with all singers, as Justin Bieber has gotten older, his voice matured as he hit puberty. His career started in 2007 when he was only 13 years old. So his voice dropped, and the amount of rasp in his voice increased.

This is not considered to be a negative thing.

When Justin Bieber first became famous, his voice was much lighter in comparison to now. This is because he was basically a kid when he released his first album.

Many people prefer the way his voice sounds now.

When you listen to each of Justin’s albums, you can tell the difference. Sometimes it’s more noticeable than others, but fans can tell that his voice was maturing as he progressed in the spotlight. However, Justin Bieber still has a sound that is all his own.

It is also important to consider the impact touring has on a singer’s voice. This puts incredible pressure on the vocal cords. Without proper care, it can even cause damage.

Justin’s voice does not seem to be damaged, but the constant use has probably contributed to it changing.

Does Justin Bieber have a vocal coach?

Justin Bieber does have a vocal coach named Jan Smith. Bieber has worked with her since 2008. Vocal coaches are fairly common for professional singers. This comes in especially handy for touring as singing for 1-2 hours a night is much more physically demanding than singing 1 song at a time in a studio.

Smith also works with Drake and many other superstars.

Having a vocal coach is important to professional singers for many reasons. The biggest is because they can teach techniques to preserve the voice.

This is important, especially when an artist tours and has to use their voice each night.

Vocal coaches also teach breathing techniques. This can help for singers who also incorporate dancing. Many managers and agents seek out vocal coaches in order to help with a singer’s overall performances on stage.

Is Justin Bieber a tenor or baritone?

Justin Bieber is classified as a tenor when it comes to his vocal range and abilities. Many male pop stars most people have heard of are tenors. This is the highest male voice in most choirs.

Most casual listeners of Justin Bieber would classify his voice as being very versatile.

This is because he is a tenor. Because their voices are higher in pitch, they can experiment with many different sounds.

It is also important to point out that although Justin is a tenor, he has some baritone qualities. Fans can hear this when he makes low notes.

He has been noted to have what is known as strong lows in his singing.

The tenor vocal category is the most popular for male pop stars. If you can think of a well-known male pop singer, he is probably a tenor.

Does Justin Bieber lip-sync?

Justin Bieber has been known to lip-sync in concert occasionally, as there have been concerts and performances where fans have noticed that he was not singing live. But he does not do it consistently. Many artists like to have a prerecorded vocal track available in the event of illness.

It is important to realize that almost all pop stars lip-sync at least occasionally.

Some artists do it more than others, but it has existed for quite a long time. Justin Bieber does it on rare occasions, and some fans have noticed.

There are many reasons why Justin Bieber might lip-sync from time to time.

As mentioned earlier, touring is hard on a singer’s voice. Some singers lip-sync on occasion to protect their vocal cords.

I mentioned illness above. But that doesn’t always just mean he uses it when he has a cold or sore throat.

He has revealed in recent times that he does have Lyme disease, which is a tick-borne illness. Some of the symptoms could cause him to feel tired or to have pain.



Justin Bieber is known as a great singer whose voice shows versatility. He can hit the high notes, the low ones, and everything in between.

Many people have noted a change in his voice as he has gotten older. For most fans, this is a welcomed change as he sounded more like a child before.

Justin is a tenor. This makes him the perfect person to sing almost any song. He continues to grow as a singer and songwriter today.

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