How to Get Rid of a Piano (Best removal disposal tips)

I understand the pain of having an old piano in your home that you don’t want anymore. Pianos are among the few musical instruments that require a lot of space and expensive upkeep, so if you don’t want yours, here’s how to get rid of a piano:

To get rid of an unwanted piano, list it for free (or at a low sales price) on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and local Facebook groups, and specify no delivery. Alternatively, if it is playable, a local school or church may accept it as a donation. Lastly, pay a local junk hauler to remove it.

But there are some important considerations for each of those options!

Furthermore, pianos are expensive to purchase and maintain, so finding someone willing to take them off your hands is not always easy. That’s why I’m here to provide helpful tips for removing your unwanted piano without breaking the bank or taking too much time.

From finding a secondhand store near you to hiring professional piano movers, this article will guide you through releasing yourself from grandma’s old piano in no time!

Should I pay for a piano disposal service to remove my piano?

If you have an old upright piano or a family member has passed away and left you with a grand piano in good condition, deciding what to do can be difficult. Several options are available, including disposing of or giving it away.

The cost of hiring reputable piano disposal services is usually higher than other junk haulers, as pianos are often extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. The price may vary significantly depending on your instrument’s size, shape, and weight.

The cost for old upright pianos is lower than that of grand pianos. It is always best to get quotes from multiple private companies before deciding.

Hiring a professional piano removal company vs. doing it yourself

Professional piano removal services have many benefits: they will know how to handle and transport your instrument correctly, offer detailed advice regarding disposal or donation options, and provide a free estimate before beginning the removal process.

In addition, these companies handle all the documentation needed to donate or dispose of an instrument, which most individuals overlook when attempting to get rid of an old instrument.

Though attempting to remove the piano yourself could save some money in the short term, there are many potential risks involved with moving such a large and heavy item without any experience or knowledge about pianos.

You may risk damaging your property and the instrument without proper equipment and expertise.

The best option is to hire professionals with experience removing pianos from homes safely and efficiently since they have all the necessary equipment, such as straps and steel wire to ensure secure transportation.

A professional service can answer all your questions – ensuring that your piano ends up in good hands while providing tax deductions or some cash back.

Can I donate my piano?

Donating instead of selling or simply throwing your old instruments may be a great option. There are a variety of local organizations and causes that would love to accept donations of gently used pianos.

Where Can I Donate My Piano?

There are numerous piano donation websites available online.

You can contact your local charity or nonprofit organization and ask if they accept piano donations. Many music schools and churches may also accept a donation of an old piano.

Some charitable organizations even specialize in accepting old pianos and providing them with new homes.

What Should I Consider Before Donating?

Donating your old piano is a generous act that can bring joy to someone else’s life. However, it is essential to consider the instrument’s condition before donating it.

The receiving organization may need to pay for repairs before offering the piano in their program or community space. If the repairs required far exceed their value, it may not be worth donating.

Use our article as a guide to get an idea about the restoration costs of a used piano.

Additionally, many organizations require documentation from qualified technicians confirming that the instrument is playable before they accept it as a donation.

They will be on the lookout for:

  • Missing strings
  • Sticky keys
  • Overall really poor condition

Be sure to check with each organization in your local area for their requirements before deciding where and how you will donate your instrument. Make sure to find out if they do free pickup.

You don’t want to have to do the heavy lifting if you can help it.

Should I sell my piano?

Selling a grand or upright piano can offer potential benefits such as making money, freeing up space in the home, and even getting a tax deduction. To determine the value of your piano, you will need to consider its condition and age.

You can contact a piano technician specializing in appraising pianos for a more accurate estimate. Mentioned below are some places you can sell your piano:

Local Charity Shop

Many charity shops accept donations and will even come and pick up the item from your house. This could be ideal if you want to get rid of the piano without hassle.

Local Contractors

If you want to make money from your old piano, contacting a local contractor could be worth a shot.

Depending on its condition, these parties might be willing to take it off your hands for a fee or at a discounted price if they can fix any damages that might need attention.

Selling Online

Finally, selling online is always an option when removing an old piano.

Sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great places for selling used items at competitive prices.

However, before listing your item online, make sure that the weight of the piano won’t outweigh the value of selling it in the first place – this could make listing online quite costly in some cases!

Advantages of Selling Your Piano

One of the main benefits of selling your piano is receiving a financial return on the sale.

An old piano may fetch a reasonable price depending on its condition, age, and brand. This could offset some of the costs of buying a new instrument or provide extra cash for other investments or purchases.

Another great benefit of selling your piano is that it frees up extra space in your home or office.

Disadvantages of Selling Your Piano

Of course, when considering whether or not to sell an old piano, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind as well.

Depending on its age and condition, you may get less money from the sale than you would like.

Some potential buyers may only offer a fraction of what you feel it’s worth, and unless this is acceptable to you, it could be best to hold onto it longer until someone else comes along who offers more money for the instrument.

Additionally, if this is an heirloom piece that has sentimental value to your family members or was gifted by someone special, getting rid of it may be more challenging than just letting go of material things.

This must be considered before deciding whether to pass on the piano.

Can pianos be recycled?

The good news is that the materials used to create most pianos are generally recyclable. This includes cast iron, steel, and wire strings, which can easily be reused in other musical instruments or furniture production.

Additionally, some piano technicians might be willing to salvage parts from an old instrument and use them in a new one, eventually saving them money and reducing waste sent to landfills.

Of course, some challenges are involved when recycling a complete piano. The local recycling center is unlikely to just let you drop off a whole piano as it’s the various parts that are recyclable and not the piano as a whole.

These instruments are large and heavy items requiring specialized removal services or transport equipment such as trucks and movers with the necessary experience and tools.

Additionally, depending on the instrument’s condition, it might be worth little once recycled; if so, you may still have to pay for its disposal through a junk removal service or local music store.

Should I dismantle my broken piano to dispose of it?

When you’re no longer using an old or used piano, you may wonder what piano disposal options you have.

One is dismantling the piano to make it easier to transport and dispose of. But is this the best option for you? Let’s explore the pros and cons of dismantling a piano before deciding.


Dismantling a piano can make moving out of your home easier and transporting it to its final destination.

If you don’t have access to transportation for oversized items such as pianos, breaking the instrument into smaller parts could enable you to move them more easily.

Moreover, some disposal companies will charge less if they don’t need to pick up an entire piano – instead, charging per part taken away.


There are also quite a few drawbacks associated with dismantling a piano. For starters, it can be difficult and time-consuming work – it isn’t something that can be done quickly without proper tools and knowledge.

Furthermore, many pianos contain delicate internal components which could be damaged through improper dismantling or handling during transport.

Additionally, if the parts are not handled correctly, they could cause injury to those attempting removal – meaning that professional help may be necessary regardless of your abilities!

So should you dismantle your piano to dispose of it?

Ultimately this will depend on various factors, including your ability and access to resources such as transportation for large items or paying for professional help.

Weighing up all these considerations should help inform your decision on whether or not dismantling is the right choice for you!

Dissecting a Piano - how to break down a piano! Whats inside, and how to get at it! DIY


No matter what option you decide on – whether piano recycling, donating, or selling it’s a good idea to do research: compare prices among junk removal companies; contact local charities and schools; check out free estimates from professional piano movers, etc.

This way, you’ll get a fair price for your beautiful old instrument (no matter its state) while saving time. However, hiring a junk removal company will always be your last resort if all else fails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of an unwanted upright piano?

You can try donating it to a school, community center, or church or selling it through online marketplaces such as Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. If you can’t find anyone wanting the piano, you can contact a local junk removal or piano disposal service.

Are pianos hard to get rid of?

Getting rid of pianos can be difficult, but it depends on the condition of the piano and the demand for it in your area. Donating, selling, or hauling it away are all potential options.

Are old pianos worth anything?

Old pianos may be worth something, but it depends on several factors, such as the piano’s age, brand, condition, and location. A professional piano appraiser can help determine the value of an old piano.

Image by Lukas Martynas Janoszek from Pixabay

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