Who All Did Linda McCartney Sleep With?

Before meeting Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney was said to have been romantically connected with at least 20 men. But who all did Linda McCartney sleep with?

Prior to marrying Paul McCartney in 1969, Linda McCartney had brief affairs or one-night stands with several men, including Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Hollywood star Warren Beatty, and the Doors’ singer Jim Morrison. 

Linda was always considered to be a free-spirited woman whose opinions about sex were quite liberated.

Considering the early years of the feminist movement Linda was bred in, this emancipated attitude to sex was hardly uncommon.

She met Paul when she first turned up to photograph The Beatles in London. Within no time, she was living with Paul at his house in St. John’s Wood in London. The couple married soon.

But did Linda’s one-night stands stop there? Let us examine:

Did Jimi Hendrix and Linda McCartney date?

Jimi Hendrix and Linda McCartney dated for a short time in 1968. Both admired each other, but their relationship was based on a love interest for music and nothing else. 

According to Paul McCartney’s book ‘The Paul McCartney 1990 New World Tour’, Linda greatly admired Jimi Hendrix. And the feeling was mutual.

Linda often felt lost for words when she hung out with Jimi. The duo spent lots of nights jamming out together, and apparently, Linda was eager to be there with him as long as possible.

Linda had this to say about her time with Hendrix:

“But seeing and hearing and hanging around Hendrix, oh, I can’t even put it into words. That man. The greatest moments weren’t when he was playing a concert. It was more sitting in a hotel room with him, and he’d start to play and jam all night. Or at the Speakeasy when everyone had left, he’d get up and play till they switched the lights on and kicked us out. Oh, I tell you, maybe the best memory of Hendrix was when he was recording ‘Electric Ladyland’ those sessions when he was playing guitar, organ, drums, everything.”

Jimi Hendrix was also reputed to have been with several women, but the rock star was charmed by Linda.

She was a different kind of personality—a talented person who was career-focused. And when the two friends met, they shared intense moments.

Did Paul McCartney cheat on Jane Asher with Linda McCartney?

Paul McCartney did not cheat on Jane Asher with Linda McCartney. However, he did cheat on Jane other women, including Francie Schwartz and Peggy Lipton.

In the summer of 1968, Paul’s then actress girlfriend Jane Asher came back home after an acting assignment to find McCartney in bed with a woman named Francie Schwartz.

But Francie wasn’t the only person he was seeing. 

Paul was also sharing beds with another actress named Peggy Lipton. And by this time, he had also met Linda Eastman (the future Mrs. McCartney)

Writer Ivor Davis, who famously traveled with The Beatles in 1964, opened about Lipton’s and McCartney’s relationship.

Davis explained in 2012: 

“Paul was then dating Jane-but that didn’t stop him from having a secret fling with Peggy, who told me that Paul wanted to marry her.”

Paul officially called it quits with Jane in 1968 only to reconnect with Linda.

Did Linda McCartney sleep with Mick Jagger?

Linda McCartney did spend a night with Mick Jagger before she met Paul. The fact was revealed by Christopher Anderson, biographer of Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger. 

In his book, Christopher mentions that Mick asked his then-girlfriend Bianca to marry him. But it wasn’t weeks later before Bianca finally said yes to him.

So, just as the preparations for the nuptials began, Mick decided to send invites to guests.

It is at this point that Christopher mentions Linda McCartney (with whom Mick had had a one-night stand before she met her Beatle) was one of the invites.

Although the news came from a legit source, I still had my doubts and wanted to check it again. Looking at some press releases from DailyMail, I discovered that Mick had bedded Linda Eastman in New York.

But once Linda married Paul, her affairs stopped.

Was Linda McCartney a Beatles’ groupie?

Linda McCartney was not a Beatles’ groupie. The label was attached to her due to her frequent night outs with The Beatles and other musicians that were part of her profession as a rock photographer.

When Linda married the last single Beatle, she was probably the most hated woman on the planet. She had broken the hearts of millions of teen girls. She was accused of relentlessly chasing top sex symbols of the sixties.

Although this tag appears to be rooted in jealousy more than anything else, Linda was mocked as a “groupie” in various books.

However, Judy Collins (the singer-songwriter and Grammy Award winner) recently joined “Everything Fab Four” host Kenneth Womack to talk about her four-decade-long career and friendship with Linda McCartney.

In the interview, Collins mentions she first got to know the photographer in the mid-”60s. The two became close friends.

Judy Collins quotes further:

“When I started dating Stephen Stills, Linda called me one day, and she said, ‘What do you do about groupies? They’re everywhere. I’m going out with this guy, and his name is Paul McCartney, and he’s in this group called the Beatles. They’re everywhere — the groupies are everywhere.'” Collins told Linda that she knew Linda would make the right decision and she did.

Linda became a dedicated wife when she married Paul and the national icon of virtue, only to be rivaled by Princess Diana.

She lost her battle to cancer in 1998. But today, she is seen as a woman of endless compassion for her husband, who was a perfect wife, and a mother. She was a free-spirit woman who wooed music’s top musicians with her talent.

But did Linda McCartney know she was dying?

Read my recent article where I get into the details. Breast cancer wasn’t usually a death sentence but did Paul or her doctor keep the truth from her?

Just click the link to read it on my site.

Was Linda Eastman pregnant when she married Paul McCartney?

Linda Eastman was four months pregnant with McCartney’s child when she married him. The pair had dated for six months before getting married in 1969. 

McCartney met Eastman in May 1968 in New York when Lennon and McCartney had arrived there to announce the formation of Apple Corps.

In September, Paul asked Linda to fly to London. The couple stayed together for a week and spent some quality time together. It is at this point that Linda got pregnant.

After almost six months of dating, they married. 

Linda was four months pregnant with McCartney’s first child, Mary McCartney. They got married in a private ceremony at Marylebone Registry Office.

Linda McCartney interview, December 10th 1992 (Part One) (Click on link in description for Part 2)


Linda Eastman (later married Paul McCartney) was a photographer by profession who was considered to be a woman liberated in her opinions about drugs and sex.

Linda had recently divorced her first husband and was looking to build a career in photography; she didn’t look to settle down any time soon. As part of her job, Linda befriended famous rock stars of that age and often entered into fleeting romances.

At one point in her life, Linda was said to have 20 lovers in 2 years, during which she slept with a few, including Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, and many others.

But after she married Paul, her frivolous relations ended. She dedicated her life to her husband and stayed with him till her death.

Photo by Burst from Pexels and Image by jhenning from Pixabay

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