Does David Lee Roth Have a Daughter?

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The wild, fast-paced life of a rock star is the envy of many. And it is no surprise that many are curious about David Lee Roth, the best-known lead singer of Van Halen. But does David Lee Roth have a daughter?

Here’s what I discovered:

David Lee Roth does not officially have a daughter or any children. Several women over the years have claimed he fathered their child, but to date, nothing has been proven in court, nor does he acknowledge any children.

David Lee Roth himself has said, “I slept with every pretty girl with two legs in her pants…”

There is certainly potential for DLR to have a daughter, but the answer to the question is shrouded in mystery. For whatever reason, the rock star refuses to give a clear answer about whether or not he has children.

So let’s look a little closer at the myths, urban legends, and the truth.

How many women claim to be David Lee Roth’s daughters?

At this point in time, two different women claim to be David Lee Roth’s daughter. Brenna Lee Roth and Avy Lee Roth. Both these women stand by their claims to the point of using the last name: Lee Roth.

One of the women who claim to be David Lee Roth’s daughter is Brenna Lee Roth.

Brenna recalls DLR being around frequently when she was a young child. He was in a relationship with her mother, and he was in some ways like a father to her even if he isn’t truly a biological one.

Brenna and her mother moved to Ohio, and her mother married another man.

Many think that this man is her true biological father. Some say she was too young to truly remember DLR as her father. Regardless, he is still somewhat present in Brenna’s life and has helped guide her as she pursues her dreams of becoming an actress.

The other woman who claims to be David Lee Roth’s daughter is Avy Lee Roth.

Avy is well known for her work in the adult film industry. Part of her success may be due to the supposed link between herself and one of the greatest rock singers of all time. Avy does not have any accounts of DLR being around when she was a child.

In both these cases, there is little hard evidence to go off.

Both women are adamant in their claims that they are David Lee Roth’s daughters, and DLR himself has never denied these claims. He even had Brenna on his radio show and introduced her as “someone who claims to be my daughter, and I won’t deny it.”

Was David Lee Roth ever married?

David Lee Roth has never been married. But he has acknowledged having been in love with 4 different women who he refuses to name.

There are countless women who would love to tie down the ultra-famous rock star.

But as of this writing, DLR has never had a wife. In an interview, as I mentioned above, DLR revealed that he had been deeply in love with four different women over the course of his life. Out of respect for the personal lives of these women, he refused to give out any names.

Dave Lee Roth claims that he is on friendly terms with all these women and that they keep in touch.

It isn’t clear why David Lee Roth was never married other than it simply doesn’t fit into his philosophy of life. DLR has been known to be counter-cultural and wanting to go against the flow.

The ceremony of marriage is a tradition that stretches back as far as human history is recorded.

If his goal was to break free from tradition, this would be an apt place to start. DLR himself said that he decided not to rush into getting married when he found out, “oh, you don’t really have to.”

Was David Lee Roth married to Nancy French?

David Lee Roth was never married to Nancy French, nor were they ever even in a relationship. The confusion stems from her husband being named David, whose phone number was the same as an old phone number of David Lee Roth’s.

Let’s look at the details of that:

There was an incredible and somewhat hilarious misunderstanding that led to confusion about DLR’s and Nancy French’s relationship. However, as will be explained, the two were never married.

Nancy French is married to David French. When they were newly married, the young couple moved to New York. Something strange began to happen in the following months.

A seemingly endless string of women began calling the French’s home phone, asking to speak to David.

These women claimed that they knew David, often explaining that they had seen him just a few days ago or even the night before.

David French insisted that he didn’t know any of these women and that all the calls were misdialed. Nancy French still became suspicious and began to suspect that her husband was cheating on her.

One day, a man called looking for David, and Nancy told him she was his wife.

The man became upset and said, “Why didn’t he tell me about you? Are you… Pregnant? Expecting a little David Lee? A kid will really hurt our comeback.”

This man was David Lee Roth’s agent, and Nancy finally understood why all these women were calling. DLR had apparently changed his phone number but would still give his old number—the one the French’s now used—to women he met at parties.

To everyone’s relief, Nancy French was not married to DLR, and David French was not cheating on his wife.

Does David Lee Roth have children at all?

David Lee Roth does not officially have any children. While some claim to be the offspring of David Lee Roth, no one has ever been proved to be his child.

As mentioned before, at least two women have claimed to be David Lee Roth’s daughter.

It is possible that there are more lesser-known people who also claim to be related to DLR. There is an incentive for people to fabricate such a claim. Being the child of a rock star will make you famous by association.

David Lee Roth has never verified any person to be his son or daughter.

However, he also has never denied a claim, and he has never said with certainty that he has no children. DLR had a promiscuous lifestyle during his time singing for Van Halen. It is possible that he accepts he could have a child, maybe even many children, and not be aware of it.

It seems unlikely that anyone, including DLR, will ever know if he has biological children.

Do any members of Van Halen have daughters?

Michael Anthony is the only original member of Van Halen to be confirmed as having a daughter. But later singer Sammy Hagar does have 2 daughters. David Lee Roth has no children, whereas Eddie and Alex Van Halen both have sons.

The original members of Van Halen are Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony, and David Lee Roth. All but DLR have been married and have children.

Eddie Van Halen, who died tragically in 2020, was the guitarist for Van Halen.

He was married twice and was with his second wife at the time of his death. Eddie was married to his first wife, Valerie Bertinelli, in 1981. Eddie and Valerie had a child together, his only son: Wolfgang Van Halen.

Alex Van Halen was the drummer for Van Halen.

Alex was married multiple times and had two sons. He had his first son, Aric Van Halen, with his second wife, Kelly Carter. His second son, Malcolm Van Halen, was born to his current wife, Stine Schyberg.

Michael Anthony was the bassist for Van Halen.

Michael met his current wife, Sue Hendry, in high school. They tied the knot in 1981. Together they have two daughters. Their first daughter, Elisha, was born in 1985. Their second daughter, Taylor, was born in 1992.

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Two women, Brenna Lee Roth and Avy Lee Roth claim to be David Lee Roth’s daughter. Neither of them has been verified as being the child of DLR.

Though David Lee Roth claims to have been in love multiple times, he has never been married.

His agent was, for a moment, under the impression that DLR was married to Nancy French. However, this turned out to be a misunderstanding, and the two had never even met.

David Lee Roth may have children, but he is either unaware of their existence or unwilling to share that information.

Of all the original Van Halen members, Michael Anthony is the only one to be verified as having a daughter.

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