Is Avy Lee Roth the Daughter of David Lee Roth?

Avy Lee Roth is a former porn star. She has continuously claimed that David Lee Roth of the rock group Van Halen is her father. But he’s vague about it. So, is Avy Lee Roth the daughter of David Lee Roth?

Here is what I discovered:

Avy Lee Roth is not the daughter of David Lee Roth. She is one of the two women who claim that David Lee fathered them, but this has never been verified by DNA or the courts. Additionally, Roth was not in Spain at the time Avy Lee’s mother claimed they had sex.

The ex-adult star (Avy) is adamant in her claim that her mom got pregnant by David after spending some time at a concert with him in Spain in 1979.

However, the biggest problem is that the band never performed any concerts in Spain until Sammy Hagar replaced Diamond Dave.

The famous singer has kept silent about whether or not the two are related to him, but the undeniable truth is that Roth has slept with plenty of women in the past. So it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that Avy or others could be his daughter.

But the last name of “Lee Roth” is instantly recognizable, and anyone using it WILL get noticed. So it’s also entirely possible that Avy Lee, or Brenna Lee Roth, or both, for that matter, are simply using it to get famous.

Let’s explore the facts and rumors more closely.

Who are Avy Lee Roth’s parents?

There is no information about who Avy Lee Roth’s parents are. We know she was born in Spain in 1979, but aside from her claim that David Lee Roth impregnated her mother, no other information is readily available. 

A few entertainment websites do have pieces of information available on Avy’s background. But they do not provide details of her childhood or her parents either.

I found a website that says Avy Lee possesses a great talent for self-expression and creativity. She is witty, enjoys the limelight, is optimistic, and has overcome many setbacks in her life alone.

Her talent for the expressive arts had sparked the fire in her to become an actress when she was young. Her artistic abilities stand far more than just shedding clothes.

Brenna Lee Roth, David Lee’s other rumored daughter, says that:

“Avy always loved entertaining people, and she loves art. She’s one of the most intelligent people that I know. She’s an amazing woman. She decided to enter the adult industry, and I stood by that.”

Does Avy Lee Roth talk to David Lee Roth?

Avy Lee Roth and David Lee Roth have apparently never met in person and do not communicate with one another. However, David Lee did interview Brenna Lee Roth once, who also claims to be his daughter. 

As I began digging deeper to uncover the rumored father-daughter duo relationship, I found some unsettling details about David’s childhood.

According to Wikipedia, David’s mother was the only person who encouraged him to embrace arts. She introduced him to big-band concerts.

However, David’s father never interacted with him that much. As a result, David had a rough and disturbing childhood. His parents continuously fought.

Roth had this to say about his parents in an interview:

“They fought even before they were married. My mother told me I was an accident. I left home at the age of 12”. 

And when he turned 17, his parents officially split.

I felt it necessary to mention these details here because perhaps this supremely dysfunctional family was the reason David never married. He mentioned to a magazine that “marriage, I still don’t think it’s for me. I have issues which stem from my past.”

But in truth, we’ll probably never know if Avy Lee is really his daughter or not.

Has David Lee Roth ever paid child support to Avy Lee Roth?

David Lee Roth has never paid child support to Avy Lee Roth or anyone else. He has never officially claimed to have fathered anyone, nor has it ever been proven in court.

I found a discussion thread online where one of the users gave out a very calculative answer. The answer reveals a possible reason that helped David decide never to marry any of the women he had been with. If David were married and got a divorce, he would have to pay 50% of his pre-tax gross income.

And if he had a child, he would have been mandated to pay child support for 18 years. 

Thus, walking around a free man with no strings attached was probably the golden rule David chose to live by.

While other users believe that anyone wanting to live such a life is either emotionally unavailable or emotionally scarred, they often meet opposite-gender partners to protect themselves from getting hurt.

I don’t think this would be an ideal way to live too.

As of now, David is said to be living with a Japanese girlfriend. He says he is in love with her. But marriage is still not on the cards for him.

Does David Lee Roth have children?

David Lee Roth does not officially have any children. Two women (Brenna and Avy) claim that David is their father, but he has never confirmed this, nor have any DNA tests or court orders been performed.

Surprisingly both of these rumored daughters have never produced any concrete evidence to support their claim except for verbal statements.

Avy’s statement is even vaguer. 

According to her, her mother met David in Spain in 1979 at the band’s concert. But the band’s tour date history shows that Van Halen never performed in Spain in 1979. I actually couldn’t find any shows in Spain other than with Sammy Hagar was in the band after Diamond Dave’s departure.

I have added the link for you to check the complete leg of Van Halen’s World Vacation Tour.

While this article is focused on Avy Lee, I did dig deeper into both her and especially Brenna Lee Roth in another recent article. You can find out more about how David’s notorious past made many people question if he had any daughters.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Brenna was interviewed by VH Links, where she claimed that David Lee Roth has three children. First is her, second is Avy, and she doesn’t know the name of the third child. All she knows is that it was a son.

In the interview, she refers to David as a friend who is helping her find her footing in the industry.

Brenna also revealed that her mother remarried someone else when she was three years old but knew from the beginning that David was her biological father.

Thus, she never minds using his surname. Although Brenna claims to be the singer’s daughter, DLR is still vague, introducing Brenna when he interviewed her as “someone who claims to be my daughter, and I won’t deny it.”

So, was he being funny? Was he seriously suggesting she could be? Was it just for entertainment purposes?

Who knows?

Did David Lee Roth have a relationship with Avy Lee Roth’s mother?

It is highly unlikely David Lee Roth ever had a relationship with Avy Lee Roth’s mother. This is because Avy Lee Roth’s mother lived in Spain in 1979 when she was born, and Van Halen never played in Spain in the 1970s. 

Avy Lee Roth was born on December 1st, 1979.

That puts her date of conception somewhere around March 1st, 1979. That year, Van Halen began their world tour in California on March 25th and didn’t head to Europe until June 1979. Even then, they only played in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and England, not Spain. (source)

And even if Avy Lee’s mom traveled to France (the closest country to Spain where they played), the dates DLR was there would not match up to her approximate conception date.

Not that he wouldn’t have slept with Avy Lee’s mom if he could have.

After entering rock music in the 1970s, the era of “free love”, he had his pick of women and admitted to “sleeping with every pretty girl with two legs”.

Roth was always interested in popularity, whether it was onstage or offstage.

And, of course, many VH fans feel like the DLR era was the only era that matters. But let’s be honest. Love Van Hagar or hate them, Van Halen with Sammy Hagar sold a LOT of records.

But which version was overall more successful?

Want to know why fans prefer David Lee Roth over Sammy Hagar? Did David Lee Roth ever sing Sammy Hagar songs? And what about that 1 disastrous time they all toured together??

Read my recent article to dive in deeper. Just click that link to read it right here on my site.

Wild Stories From David Lee Roth


There is very little information available on the internet that can confirm if Avy Lee Roth is the daughter of David Lee Roth.

She has continuously claimed it, but David has never confirmed it. And Avy Lee has never offered any proof.

There is another woman, Brenna, who also goes by David’s surname. However, the musician doesn’t seem to be bothered much about it either. He even introduced Brenna as “apparently my daughter” at a radio show.

Until any official statement comes out, we can safely say that Avy Lee isn’t David Lee Roth’s daughter.

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