Does Adam Lambert Play Any Instruments?

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American Idol sensation Adam Lambert is one of the greatest vocalists of his era. And he went on to front Queen, one of the top rock bands in history. But does Adam Lambert play any instruments?

Here is what I have seen and heard:

Adam Lambert does not play any instruments. He attempted to play instruments in high school but did not stick with them and instead chose to focus on honing his impressive vocal skills.

Playing an instrument along with singing is considered to add to a musician’s ability to convey music to the audience better.

For example, look at Brendon Urie. However, it is not a compulsion.

You will notice many artists like Adam Lambert, Ariana Grande, or Morrissey who deliver outstanding performances without playing any instrument.

But can you write songs and be a successful singer-songwriter without playing an instrument? Read my recent article and see how hard it is and what singers manage to make it work despite being able to play an instrument.

Let us dig into some more details:

Does Adam Lambert play the piano with Queen?

Adam Lambert does not play piano with Queen as Freddie Mercury did. Lambert’s role in Queen is strictly to sing and capture the essence of the songs as originally done by Freddie Mercury.

Former “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert has been touring with the Queen since 2011. They have performed in more than 200 shows together, but Adam has never been witnessed playing the piano.

He believes his role is more of a performer, not an instrumentalist. Lambert says:

“I think that part of the duty of an entertainer is to have joy or special passion for the art that they are performing.”

He added:

“And it was really important for me to do this from the ground up and to take a lot more of a leadership role in it.”

On a more personal level, he says he feels like a guest who gets to celebrate Queen’s catalog of unforgettable hits and celebrate Freddie Mercury’s songs through his singing which is enough for him.

This is also why Adam Lambert and the band did not change Queen’s name but instead added Adam’s last name to it.

The band currently goes by the name Queen + Adam Lambert.

Who plays the piano for Queen now?

Philip “Spike” Edney has been Queen’s keyboard player since 1984 and joined the band when Freddie Mercury was still in the band. But back then he played synthesizers when Mercury played the piano.

But you will only see fractions of him because cameras never really picked his images.

Edney’s entry into Queen happened when one of Queen’s members spotted him playing at a bar in London. Since then, Spike Edney has spent over three decades with the band making significant contributions.

Unfortunately, many Queen fans don’t even know this talented keyboardist’s name because “cameras never really picked it up,”- said Spike.

He recently sat down for a telephonic interview with Rolling Stone and reflected on his experience playing Crazy Little Thing Called Love at Live Aid: 

“There’s a nanosecond where you see me walking from the keyboards at the back to the piano at the front. I sat there and played the whole of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and not one single camera shot caught me. Just look and see how many camera shots there are of Roger Taylor. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any.”

After reading this interview, I immediately began searching for videos to find Edney on the piano. And to my shock, it is nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of him in concerts.

You need to pause the footage to spot him at places.

From a fan’s perspective, I think Spike may not be noticeable physically, but his keyboard contribution can never go unnoticeable.

Is Adam Lambert a good replacement for Freddie Mercury?

Adam Lambert is a fantastic singer who perfectly captures the essence of Freddie Mercury while still maintaining his own style. Queen band members do not think of Adam as Freddie Mercury’s replacement. Lambert doesn’t try to be Freddie. Instead, he is Adam Lambert singing Queen songs.

It was all about the singing that convinced Queen to consider Adam in the first place, not because they wanted to replace Freddie or Paul Rodgers, who originally sang with Queen when they first reunited.

The first concert Queen did with Adam was the MTV Europe Awards in Belfast and another at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, proving Adam had the chops and the stage presence to pull off their songs including Under Pressure.

Read my recent article to see how these live concerts were the pivotal point that determined Adam’s entry into Queen as a permanent member.

Just click on that link to read it on my site.

The band members never looked for a replacement but for a supporting member who could complete their piece. Here is what Queen’s keyboard player Spike Edney says:

“The thing is Adam doesn’t sound like Freddie, but he’s a fabulous singer, and people have now put that to one side and are saying OK, he’s not Freddie, doesn’t sound like Freddie, doesn’t look like Freddie, but he’s bloody brilliant at what he does.” 

Besides, Queen’s fans, which span genre and generations, are always happy to hear other musicians bring their renditions of Freddie’s songs as long as they bring back memories of this legend to life.

You can always find teenagers and older adults proud to hear these lyrics.

What songs has Adam Lambert written?

Here are some of the songs that Adam Lambert has written or (in most cases) co-written for his solo career: 

  • Aftermath 
  • Another Lonely Night
  • Feel Something
  • Ghost Town 
  • Lay Me Down 
  • If I Had You 
  • Music Again 
  • Kickin In 
  • Never Close Our Eyes 
  • For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert has garnered success in Queen + Adam Lambert by singing songs originally written during Freddie Mercury’s time with the band.

But he’s managed to maintain a solo career during his time singing for Queen as well, having released albums every 2-3 years since 2009.

Much of his solo material is written in conjunction with others since Adam doesn’t play any instruments. Some famous co-writers include Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars.

Does Adam Lambert wish he could play the piano?

Adam Lambert enjoys bringing his own take on Queen songs and does not feel the need or desire to be able to replicate Freddie Mercury’s piano parts. When Adam came on board to fill Mercury’s spot, he never envisioned himself replacing Freddie. 

Grammy-nominated hit singer Adam Lambert has never cleared his intentions about wanting to learn the piano.

Queen was essentially a four-piece band which former frontman Freddie Mercury completed with his solid piano skills. But soon after Freddie’s death, the band felt the void that this 4-octave vocal range singer had left.

Lambert was keen on exploring his vocal talents, which many believe are far better than Freddie’s. So, he never intended to learn piano.

And even if he didn’t try, it does not make Adam Lambert any less talented.

It is just a personal decision why Adam has not learned to play piano and whether he wishes to play it or not. You can hear him share his opinions on other matters. But he has never openly talked about this.

Want to know who is a better singer between Adam Lambert and Freddie Mercury?

Read my recent article to see the comparison I have drawn, which separates both artists. Ironically at least 1 member of Queen seems to think Lambert is the better singer. But is he?

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Queen + Adam Lambert: European Tour 2016 Interview - Part 1 - Life in Queen


Adam Lambert is a dynamic performer with soaring high vocals and a flair for theatrical sensibilities. He has been able to gather critical acclaim worldwide for his songs.

But when it comes to learning any instrument, he has never shown a keen interest in learning any of them.

Lambert feels his role in Queen is more of an entertainer, not an instrumentalist. Therefore, Adam Lambert did not learn any instrument.

Adam is a great singer with a wide vocal range who can hit correct notes. And that is what should matter.

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