Did Adam Lambert Take Singing Lessons?

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Adam Lambert is one of the greatest vocalists of the 21st century. His unique vocals sound great, and it’s no wonder he was selected to follow Freddie Mercury in Queen. But was his talent natural, or did Adam Lambert take singing lessons?

Here is what I found in my research:

Adam Lambert took singing lessons when he was 13 years old from teacher Lynne Broyles. Lynne also founded a theatre group called Broadway Bound Youth Theatre Foundation. And it was here Adam began receiving intense vocal coaching and was involved in theatre, which helped his on-stage persona develop.

During his vocal training at this academy, Adam significantly came into contact with a few genres like Jazz and Pop.

He also participated in local Airband competitions. All this exposure is said to have helped Adam sound so great. But what about his range? And was his immense talent obvious at age 13 or did he have to really work for it?

Let’s get into it!

Does Adam Lambert have a voice coach?

Lynne Broyles and Alex Urban were both vocal coaches for Adam Lambert in his youth. Lynne remembers Adam as a star kid who could move people with his singing.

Thrilled by the stage and growing interest in music, Adam Lambert worked at various theatres. He appeared in musicals including “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Grease and Chess”.

During this time, vocal Coaches Lynne Broyles and Alex Urban (artistic director of the Children’s Theatre Network) became influential figures in guiding young Adam to apply the proper techniques in singing.

In addition to this, I also read about Lynne Broyles’s contribution to Adam’s musical pursuit.

Lambert said:

“I had a fantastic vocal coach who taught me not only technique but singing overall. She became like a mentor to me and introduced me to all the classics: movies, musicals, recordings; she taught me about the great singers, the great composers. In a way, it is like I got my education from a previous generation.” 


Adam reiterated his love for his vocal coach by mentioning her name on the Red Carpet 2015 Logo’s Trailblazer Awards. Just click that link to see it on YouTube.

He said: Lynne gave him his “gay part,” teaching him about gay music history as a youth and wished her a happy birthday.

She was the person who helped Adam embrace his sexuality and essentially educated him about the icons.

Is Adam Lambert classically trained?

Adam Lambert received formal classical vocal training beginning at the age of 13, which had a significant role in expanding his singing capabilities. 

Adam began singing when he was nine years old.

He also took piano lessons but soon gave up and decided he wanted to be an entertainer. Ironic, considering he would later replace vocalist and pianist Freddie Mercury in Queen.

But does Adam tinkle the ivories at all with Queen? And if not, who plays Freddie’s piano parts?

Read my recent article to see the answers. After all, Freddie Mercury was almost as good a piano player as he was a front man and singer. So if Lambert doesn’t play piano for Queen, who does?

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Adam is amongst those rare artists who believe their vocals are their strongest instruments. And it is true. There are vocal experts who find his ability to play with his range incredible.

Talking about his vocals, Adam can sustain notes for longer periods without losing pitch or showing any undue exertion.

It allows a flexible quality to his range, making it so that all pauses between registers are undetectable. As a result, the audience hears a smooth performance.

Adam acknowledges that all these abilities are a result of his classical training.

How good a singer is Adam Lambert?

Adam Lambert is a fantastic singer despite only being the runner-up on American Idol. He has an over 3-octave range, and Queen’s Brian May has commented about how he feels Lambert’s voice is stronger than Freddie Mercury’s in many regards.

Adam Lambert made his stage debut in 2004 alongside Val Kilmer in The Ten Commandments: The Musical at the Kodak Theatre, playing Joshua.

Before auditioning for American Idol, he worked as an understudy in Wicked production from 2005 to 2008. In addition, he performed in rock bands and worked as a studio and demo vocalist, honing his vocals.

But his vocals were breathtaking when he auditioned for American Idol’s eighth season in 2009. 

Adam performed “Rock with You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

He was selected and went on to present his spin on songs like “Whole Lotta Love”, ”Mad World”, and “Ring of Fire” during the show.

According to Gemtracks, his dramatic tenor vocals and his flair for neo-goth apparel and eclectic arrangements made him a fan favorite of the season.

Although Adam lost the competition to Kris Allen by a razor-thin margin, he received universal praise from the audience, reassuring a promising career in recording.

Soon after the competition, Adam was signed by RCA Records for his debut album, which got registered at number three on the Billboard 200, selling millions of copies in the first week.

He received two awards in 2009: 

  • Teen Choice Award for Variety Star 
  • Young Hollywood Artist of the Year

Next year, he won his first Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for the song “Whataya Want from Me.”

But the highlight of Adam’s singing career is handling the responsibility of lead vocalist in Queen + Adam Lambert.

Check out my recent article to find out the moment that convinced band members that Adam was the perfect fit to front the band. But does Adam try to “be” Freddie? And what do the fans think?

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What voice type is Adam Lambert?

Adam Lambert’s voice more closely resembles a tenor with a vocal range of over three octaves. But with his theatre background, he also brings a lot of theatricality and charisma to his live performances.

According to an online biography record: Adam Lambert has the natural ability to manipulate and display complex vocal textures. Additionally, he can professionally employ the melismatic singing technique across various genres resulting in diverse and lively voice culture. His voice can be divided into three sections:

Lower registers: As he sings, his lower records become more affluent and darker from strong to steady. He effortlessly raises the voice to higher notes without any break or stress in it.

Mid-range: Adam Lambert’s midrange is interestingly solid and rounded with well-established vocals. For most of the part, he uses a raspy medium-weight voice to complete his mid-range vocals, especially noticeable in the song- Whataya Want from Me and A Loaded Smile.

High notes: Adam’s main strength is his high notes. He applies his belting technique to amplify his voice for singing high notes reaching the fifth-octave range.

One of the best ways he demonstrates his tenor is by beautifully serenading through different genres like rock, glam, pop, and even country music.

Which famous singers had singing lessons?

Vocal coaching has been utilized by singers such as Madonna, Brendan Urie, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and many others. And formal training extending to decades helps such singers really master their vocal techniques. 

It’s not hard to believe that the most successful and skilled singers have invested in vocal coaches.

The reason is that singers want to ensure that they can continue to sing by not damaging their vocal cords through overuse or improper technique.

Another reason is that having a vocal coach can improve verbal abilities faster than trial and error alone.

A lot of the world’s most famous singers who have taken singing lessons also include: 

I guess hiring a vocal coach isn’t something that makes more sense for singers to develop their craft. Growing their craft these degrees in vocal schooling offers can bring surprising changes in voice quality.

What Makes This Singer Great? Adam Lambert - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy


Singing is a phenomenon that demands a lot of physical skills and strength.

Frequently, aspiring singers begin their vocal training from the beginning to develop their craft. It all makes sense because the proper technique can make a grave difference in a musician’s career.

Adam Lambert is amongst those artists who realize their dream to make a career in the music industry requires some primary education.

Along the way, he discovered his coach Lynne Broyles who gave him the music teaching he needed and helped Adam embrace his sexuality.

Today, Lambert, especially since joining Queen, has become an icon and an influencer for aspiring musicians.

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