Does Chris Martin Have Perfect Pitch?

Chris Martin is one of the best-known and most-loved singers of our time, and Coldplay’s songs often have heartfelt and delicate melodies delivered with a lot of sincerity. But does Chris Martin have perfect pitch?

Chris Martin does not have perfect pitch, which is the ability to hit a note perfectly without any musical accompaniment or reference tone. He does, however, have an outstanding voice and the ability to connect with an audience on a deep emotional level.

But does that limit him?

Although having perfect pitch isn’t a qualification for making it as an artist, singers with perfect pitch tend to gain more success than those who don’t.

And fans often hear many singers with perfect pitch, such as Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey. Let’s get back to Chris Martin and find out more about his voice if he’s close to having perfect pitch, and whether he has to use autotune to sing in tune.

Let’s go!

Does Chris Martin have a good voice?

Chris Martin has a good voice. And given Coldplay’s concerts are often well over 2 hours long with Martin running around the stage and into the audience the entire time, his voice is obviously well-trained to sustain those concerts.

It ain’t easy to survive in the music industry for 20 years with something other than sheer talent. His voice is unique, smooth, emotional, and he portrayed his euphonious voice in songs like “Viva La Vida.”

Apart from his excellent voice, he also has the talent to sing the song’s lyrics in reverse as well.

Like he did in his song “The Scientist,” where he experimented with what he learned. He sings the vocals in reverse for the music video. The final product worked exactly how he had imagined, with his body in reverse while he sang the lyrics typically.

Although sometimes live, his voice sounds baffled.

This can be due to exhaustion and being out of breath from all that running around the stage in a live concert for continuously long hours. But a Coldplay concert is not a subdued or relaxed affair; it’s high energy for both the audience and for Chris.

Not to forget, his voice has made millions of fans cry for real.

His voice is truly alive and kicking in live concerts, and the songs won’t fade from his fan’s memories for a long time.

What about the best-loved band of all time, The Beatles?

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Does Chris Martin use autotune?

Chris Martin does not extensively use autotune, and the imperfections in his natural voice are usually present in both live concerts and recordings. Coldplay does, however, utilize pre-recorded backing tracks in concert.

And for some of their live concert releases, it’s obvious that the tracks have been cleaned up from what the fans who were at that show heard.

There were times when rumors of Coldplay using autotune circulated in social media, but the reality suggested otherwise. Fans quickly uploaded videos supporting Chris using his actual voice while singing.

This is why many fans have noted imperfections in Chris’s vocals. But that’s okay, I guess as far as he’s presenting his authentic voice. Even with the imperfections, the guy can sing very well, period.

But there are some fans who insist that Coldplay DO use autotune.

Fortunately, in my recent article, I dug into this matter in greater detail on whether Coldplay uses some kind of trickery in their music or not. And I go deeper into how they use backing tracks in concert too.

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Does Chris Martin have a vocal coach?

Chris Martin uses renowned vocal coach Mary Hammond, the Founder-Creator of the Musical Theatre Course at the Royal Academy of Music in London.


In an interview with, he said, “why wouldn’t I want someone to bring out the best in me”.

It’s evident that he’s been taking vocal lessons, and he has shown no shame in doing so. Well, why should he? There’s no wrong in polishing your vocals, I suppose. Taking music lessons has helped him through his musical journey and brought him up to where he is now.

And LOTS of big stars still use vocal coaches.

To be honest, Coldplay wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t for Chris’s dedication. I know that other bandmates have equally played their part, but Chris’s voice enlightens the band in every way.

Martin has also admitted that his vocal coach ‘Mary’ never likes his performances, said Whenever the band used to sing for her, she always provided negative feedback and never appreciated Martin’s voice.


In a private session, Martin and his bandmates were performing only for one person- Mary, and here is what she said, “Martin wasn’t singing ‘The Scientist’ very well.”

But remember, when Coldplay performs, Martin is running around a lot. And he switches from piano to guitar and likes to jump into the crowd.

All of that makes for a great show, but it can also make for a challenging vocal delivery.

Does Chris Martin sound the same live?

Chris Martin sounds exactly the same in live concerts as he does in his studio albums. The only possible difference is he may occasionally get out of breath from running around all over the stage.

I’ve seen Coldplay live 5 or 6 times going back to 2005 when they first got on my radar.

Attending a few of his live concerts, I realized that Chris’s voice typically sounds the same as his studio albums.

The goosebumps and the energy he and the rest of the band deliver are impeccable. He literally pours out his heart, which is what I meant, if that makes sense.

And the 4 of them create a HUGE sound when they play. But do all of Coldplay’s live performances have pre-recorded backing tracks? That was something worth digging into.

Here’s something that I have noticed seeing them in concert:

Coldplay do use pre-recorded backing tracks, primarily synthesizers and other instrumentation.

While they could have chosen to bring extra musicians with them on the road, they were worried about disrupting the amazing chemistry that the 4 members of Coldplay have with one another.

So instead, they simply take the tracks they aren’t playing live, and those play in the background on a laptop with the band playing on top of it.

Nevertheless, Chris’s voice is usually the same in most of his live performances. Even though there are backing tracks involved, the voice that brings life to concerts is Chris Martin’s.

Does Chris Martin ever sing out of tune?

Chris Martin does occasionally sing out of tune as he is focused on entertaining during his concerts and not just singing. During the 2012 Grammy Awards show, the audience witnessed that Chris, singing along with Rihanna, couldn’t even find the right pitch for the whole performance.

Coldplay has become one of the best-selling bands of the last decade, and its frontman, Chris Martin, is known to have one of the most pleasant voices around.

But, things took a wrong turn on that Grammy awards night.

Martin was so out of tune that audiences and viewers found the Chipotle commercial (aired just after Coldplay’s Performance) much more enjoyable than listening to his voice.

American Journalist James Poniewozick rested his case tweeting, “Coldplay-based Chipotle commercial > actual Coldplay performance.”

But hey!

Days can get bad even for the most popular singers like Martin; he is a human after all. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad singer.

People should cut him some slack; it ain’t easy to be Chris Martin, after all.

It’s important not to forget the times he has given us some of the best songs of our times, including “Yellow,” “Viva La Vida,” “The Scientist,” and so many more.

He literally made women around the world cry with his song “Fix You,” which can still make you cry if you go and watch the music video.

How to Sing Like Chris Martin. Coldplay. (A Soothing Energy, Subtle Mix) NOT a REACTION!


Chris Martin certainly doesn’t have the gift of pitch perfectness.

He does have an excellent melodious voice that fans love till now, but his voice often gets baffled with him being out of breath.

Moreover, it justifiably proves that he doesn’t entirely depend on autotune. Although he occasionally uses autotune, only to an acceptable extent.

His good voice also comes from his training with his vocal coach and his consistent effort and love for music. His voice may sometimes get out of tune, but one thing that I’ve learned here is:

Chris Martin can sing very well.

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