Is JAY-Z Vegan? (and what does he eat?)

The world has always been curious about JAY-Z because of his legacy as the “greatest rapper alive” as well as his astute business acumen. One question many people have about JAY-Z and many other celebrities is what their diet consists of, but especially, is JAY-Z vegan?

JAY-Z does not stick to a completely vegan diet, but as of 2019, he has stated that he pledges to eat two vegan meals per day. This means that although JAY-Z is not entirely vegan, most of his meals are still free of animal products.

People want to know, especially if JAY-Z is vegan. With the rise of both veganism and vegetarianism, they want to know if their favorite celebrities are using meat-free diets.

And if they are, to what extent.

Over the last decade, the topic of health and nutrition has taken center stage, with more people being aware of the many advantages of not consuming animal products.

But what exactly does he eat? And when did he start eating that way? And is Beyonce eating the same way? And did JAY-Z start a vegan food company?

Let’s get into all the related questions and answers!

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Is JAY-Z strict about his diet?

JAY-Z is not a strict vegan and does have some flexibility in what he eats. But he still eats 2 vegan meals per day and focuses on food that is minimally processed.

This is not only known because the rapper has overgone a body transformation over the last few years, but also because he has spoken openly in interviews about what food he consumes.

Like many people, JAY-Z has experimented with a number of different diet techniques, but it seems that committing to some form of veganism is still his choice.

JAY-Z’s commitment to health and fitness has been documented for several years now.

He is said to be strict about consuming at least two vegan meals per day, which means most of what he eats is free of animal products.

This also means that his food would tend to be clean and not processed, which is important to anyone who takes their diet as seriously as he does.

He even famously challenged his fans to try a plant-based diet back in 2018 because “we all have a responsibility”.

JAY-Z is strict about his diet because he wants to remain in good physical condition.

But also because he is aware of the impact that consuming meat products have on the world. This is an issue that seems to be important to him as it is to many others who consume some sort of a plant-based diet.

Is Beyoncé still a vegan?

Beyoncé is not a strict vegan but does commit to “meatless Mondays” and plant-based breakfasts.

Because of her public stance on the importance of people trying a plant-based diet, most people have assumed that Beyonce was a vegan.

While it is unclear if the superstar has ever been a full vegan, it has been confirmed by The New York Times that she is not.

This means that Beyoncé’s choice for this form of eating a plant-based diet allows for a great deal of flexibility. And this is still great for the environment and the world overall.

Another way to describe this is that Beyoncé, just like JAY-Z, is a part-time vegan.

Despite being in such great physical shape, there is a long public history of Beyoncé being just like everyone else and sometimes really enjoying food such as pizza and ice cream.

She has stated that this is one of the ways she stays humble.

But of course, these meals are in moderation. This shows her millions of fans that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dieting as well as contributing to the overall well-being of the earth.

Does JAY-Z own a vegan food company?

JAY-Z does not own a vegan food company, but he does invest in a few of them, including Partake Foods and Oatly.

JAY-Z is not only one of the most important rappers of all time. He is also a prolific businessman.

Most of his businesses deal with music or fashion. But he has a very diverse portfolio. It often gets said that JAY-Z owns a vegan food company.

This is partly true because, as I mentioned, he does not own a vegan food company. But of the ones he invests in, depending on the investment, may not be that far off from him owning it.

One of the vegan food companies that JAY-Z invests in is called Partake Foods.

This is a vegan cookie company founded by Denise Woodward, who is a former executive at Coca-Cola. Partake Foods was founded in 2016 after her daughter was diagnosed with many food allergies. Jay-Z’s investment into Partake Foods is said to be $1 million.

Another vegan food company Jay-Z invests in is a Sweden-based company called Oatly. They are a vegan food and drink producer, and they also have support from Oprah Winfrey.

This company was founded in the 1990s by brothers Rickard and Bjorn Oste, and they mostly specialize in milk.

How long has JAY-Z been vegan?

JAY-Z was introduced to the vegan lifestyle in 2005 after meeting nutrition coach Marco Borges. She first challenged him to consume one vegan mean per day but eventually increased it to two vegan meals per day.

After that, JAY-Z wanted to go full vegan, and he did for quite a while.

This was a necessary part of his journey before deciding to continue to eat two vegan meals a day and then being more flexible with the third.

This was also around the time he wanted to begin sharing with the world the impact a plant-based diet could have on the body.

Why did Jay-z go vegan?

JAY-Z became interested in a vegan diet as he started to get older and began to gain weight. He initially sought it out as a way to lose weight but eventually also championed the cause of reducing the negative impact on the planet caused by the meat industry.

This is because the consumption of meat products truly does impact the world, particularly when it comes to wildlife.

JAY-Z made it his mission to help educate the world about plant-based diets and also to challenge others to pursue them.

Part of the reason why JAY-Z went vegan is that it was introduced to him in phases instead of him one day deciding to go full vegan.

For him, he started with one meal per day being vegan and then increased from there.

What this did was ease him into it and allow his body to adjust over time. This process also allowed him to develop a fondness for a plant-based diet rather than it being something he was forcing himself to do.


JAY-Z, who is rap’s first billionaire, has been committing to a plant-based diet for many years now.

While he is not a full vegan, most of his daily meals are free of animal products. And he has also made it his mission to share with the world how this change has positively impacted his life.

JAY-Z has also invested his own money into vegan companies in order to provide people with even more options for their food needs.

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