Was Keith Richards Faithful to Patti Hansen?

Keith Richards was notorious for his bad-boy behavior back in the 1970s, indulging in a hedonistic lifestyle involving lots of drugs and women. That is until he met Patti Hansen. So was Keith Richards faithful to Patti Hansen?

Keith Richards has been faithful to Patti Hansen since they married in 1983. He has never cheated on her. And they remain married to this day.

The power couple stuck to each other through thick and thin.

They are busy raising their wonderful family and keep appearing together at awards and interviews. They still make the heads turn.

According to Harper Bazaar magazine, Hansen holds the ability to handle everything-fashion, illness, a rock-star husband, her career, motherhood with a cool factor that girls today could only hope to mimic.

But Keith’s loyalty cannot be overlooked.

Being surrounded by millions of women, fans, and the lifestyle, one might be tempted to get involved in an extra-marital affair. But Keith never broke Patti’s trust for once.

Let us dig deeper!

Does Keith Richards live with Patti Hansen?

Keith Richards, co-founder, and guitarist for The Rolling Stones lives with his wife Patti Hansen in Weston, Connecticut. But they also own houses in Sussex, England, and another on the private resort island of Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos.

Keith married the former model, Patti Hansen, within four years of having met her.

Ironically, it is the only time Richards has been married, despite being in a relationship with style icon and ‘It Girl’ Anita Pallenberg between 1967 and 1979.

USA Today asked Keith the secret to a long marriage, to which he replied:

“You need to find someone who can put up with you. It’s challenging, but it’s a juggle to find someone who can adjust to your lifestyle and the nature of your job.”

And finding the right person like Patti made life easier for Keith.

Apart from Patti, Richards’s partnership with Mick Jagger is also considered one of the most successful pairs in the music industry.

I covered the most noteworthy moments of Mick and Keith’s friendship and the surprising way in which they split their money in a recent article.

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Was Patti Hansen married before Keith Richards?

Patricia Alvine Hansen was married once prior to her marriage to Keith Richards. She was married to James DePaiva for two years, from 1981-1983, between first meeting Richards and when they eventually married.

And according to CelebesCouples, she had at least 3 relationships before she met Richards.

Like most celebrities, Patti tries to keep her personal life private. And when I tried looking at her dating history, I discovered that Patti had been in a relationship with Peter Bogdanovich in 1979.

Bogdanovich, of course, is a famous director, but also noteworthy for his relationship with Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratton, who was murdered by her estranged husband, who was outraged at her and Bogdanovich’s relationship.

Hansen was continuously landing modeling jobs, and it was during one of her projects at Studio 54, she met Richards in 1979.

But they didn’t get together at first.

Hansen married the American director, actor, and writer, James Depaiva later. But this relationship didn’t work out for long. She stayed with him for two years and divorced him in 1983.

She started dating Keith in 1983 and has been with him for around 38 years now.

She has been the rock of her family, ensuring that this family sticks together. She has fought through cancer twice and makes sure she is around her husband to take care of him.

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How did Keith Richards meet Patti Hansen?

Keith Richards saw the American model Patti Hansen for the first time dancing at Studio 54 in 1979. The musician immediately fell in love. In his memoir “Life”, Richards wrote that he didn’t see her for a while, but her vision stayed in his mind. 

The two met again; that’s when the love story truly began. Richards describes being taken by Patti the moment he laid his eyes on her.

Richards told Vanity Fair:

”I was set up to see her, but it worked. I didn’t know if she knew she was set up to see me. The moment I saw Patti, we looked at each other, and I said, ‘Hello, something’s happening to me.”

For Hansen, the story didn’t begin until she met Richards again at his 36th birthday party.

They clicked and knew they were meant to be with each other. Richards proposed to her, and the couple sealed their relationship on Richards’ 40th birthday at the Finisterra Hotel in Cabo San Lucas.

Four decades later, Patti has been Richards’ lifesaving anchor rescuing him from all the dark periods. Together, they have two daughters, Theodore and Alexandra, and five grandchildren.

Hansen explained that Keith promised “my mom he would take care of me, and he did.” Now in their 60s and 70’s, Hansen described themselves to Harper Bazaar as the ultimate “old married couple.”

Was Keith Richards a Womanizer?

Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards was once a womanizer in the early heyday of The Stones when women, drugs, and alcohol all flowed freely during the era of “free love”. 

An entertainment website, Ultimate Guitar, included Keith Richards’ name in the list of the 9 biggest womanizers in rock.

Other names mentioned included Mick Jagger, Tommy Lee, and Marilyn Manson.

Keith’s name was often linked with some of the most attractive women in the 1960s and 1970s before finally settling down with Patti Hansen.

His name was often associated with models and actresses like Sable Starr, Candy Apples, Nancy Spungen (of Sid and Nancy fame), and Kari Ann Moller.

According to Ultimate Guitar, the musician also had a brief affair with Marianne Faithful, Mick Jagger’s girlfriend.

The list of Keith’s girlfriends can go on, but he certainly changed his ways after marrying Hansen, for which he deserves applause.

How many women has Keith Richards been with?

Keith Richards doubtless had many casual sexual encounters in his youth but has only been in serious relationships with 2 women; girlfriend Anita Pallenberg and his wife, Patti Hansen.

The Rolling Stones were world-famous for their way with women.

However, most of the women the band members came into contact with were involved only for a short time. But some of these women caused tense rivalries within the group. Keith describes his relationship with Mick as “two alphas fighting”, especially regarding women in his biography.

In 2019, q95.iheart wrote an article mentioning: The Rolling Stones’ members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were known as ladies men without giving much detail.

In the article, the magazine mentions that Stones bassist Bill Wyman revealed that since the band had started two years earlier, I’d had 278 girls, Mick Jagger about thirty, and Keith Richards had six. 

In his memoir, Keith describes himself as a discerning ladies’ man.

While music seeks inspiration from all walks of life, there are many musicians whose muse involves women in their lives, inspiring them and fueling their creativity.

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When Patti Hansen and Keith Richards met each other, he had already been in a serious relationship once and had children.

But fate had decided something else for them. Richards saw Hansen at a disco club called Studio 54, Mick Jagger’s hiding place whenever he wanted to step away from the media spotlight.

Keith saw Hansen and fell in love with her immediately.

But before they began their relationship, Hansen had a brief 2-year marriage to someone else. Eventually, in 1983, the young hearts started dating each other and tied the knot later that year.

They’ve been together ever since.

Hansen adjusted to her rock-star husband’s busy lifestyle and supported him. At the same time, Richards proved his love by staying faithful to his beautiful wife.

The couple has been enjoying the best of their time together.

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