What Type of Voice Does Melanie Martinez Have?

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Many people first heard Melanie Martinez on The Voice. But despite appearing on a singing competition show, many people wonder about Melanie Martinez’s vocal ability. So, what type of voice does Melanie Martinez have?

Here’s what I think:

Melanie Martinez has a voice that is in the soprano range, spanning almost 2 octaves, but she has a unique, soft, and breathy style of singing that can be quiet and whispery, similar to Billie Eilish.

Fans wonder how her voice is classified and if she is truly a talented singer.

This is because the music industry has taught people to doubt talent in terms of singing. Melanie Martinez may not have perfect pitch, but there is a reason so many people like her.

Many people ask about Melanie’s overall talent, so I wanted to do some research. I dove deep into her vocal range, her live performances, and her stint on The Voice.

There may just be more to her voice than she gets credit for.

Can Melanie Martinez actually sing?

Melanie Martinez can actually sing. She has a unique voice and a roughly 2-octave range and was a contestant on The Voice, which would not have been possible if she did not have a great voice.

While she did not win The Voice, she was selected by coach Adam Levine and made it to 6th place.

Melanie Martinez is known for her distinct way of singing. Many of her songs seem to be incredibly whispery. This leads many people to wonder if she can actually sing.

There are many performances from Melanie Martinez on YouTube that prove she can sing. She may not have the most conventional voice, but she is good.

Melanie’s style of singing is different.

Despite the different tone of voice Melanie Martinez uses to sing, it is clear she can sing. Her music has a natural flow to it, and it seems authentic. However, it is understandable why people would have questions.

It should also be pointed out that Melanie seems to have a certain persona. She tends to mix an almost childish image, her voice included, with more adult lyrics.

Her song titles continue the childlike theme.

All of the music Melanie Martinez has released has been named after the experiences of kids.

One example is her album Cry Baby, which was released in 2016. Some song titles from that release are:

  • “Training Wheels”
  • “Milk and Cookies”
  • “Play Date”
  • “Teddy Bear”

While some people may say she doesn’t have the best voice, she is a true artist. Melanie Martinez seems to be using music in an even more artistic way than traditionally done.

The definition of a true artist isn’t always the strength of their voice. It is also about carving a specific lane in music. Melanie Martinez has used her unique voice to do just that.

Is Melanie Martinez a soprano?

Melanie Martinez is considered a soprano which is the highest range for a female singer. Some vocal coaches, however, consider her to be a mezzo-soprano which is slightly lower in overall range. Being a soprano does not mean she has the biggest voice though.  It simply refers to the range of notes she can hit.

Many people think this because it’s the highest.

The vocals of a soprano tend to sound very clear. This can be heard in Melanie Martinez’s voice. It truly sets her apart from most other singers.

Sopranos are also usually versatile singers. Melanie proves this both with her original songs as well as her weeks on The Voice.

Did Melanie Martinez win The Voice?

Melanie Martinez did not win The Voice when she competed in 2012. She was eliminated in the 6th round, meaning there were 5 other contestants that the judges deemed superior.

But it’s also worth noting she was a teenager at the time.

Making it onto a reality singing competition show can really put a new artist in the spotlight. Melanie Martinez was introduced to the world on The Voice in 2012. This was the third season of the show.

Melanie Martinez was eliminated in the fifth week by audience vote. Cassadee Pope won that season of the popular reality show.

Even on The Voice, Melanie Martinez was known for her distinct singing. 

It was noted for its breathy tone and unique vocal pattern. This got her to the Top 6 before she was eliminated.

Since The Voice, Melanie Martinez has had a great career in the music industry. This helps prove that winning those shows isn’t always super important.

What is Melanie Martinez’s vocal range?

Melanie Martinez’s vocal range is F3 to D5, which is almost 2 octaves. A 2-octave range is standard for many singers, with only a few that span 3 or 4 octaves.

Being a good singer isn’t always about having the biggest range.

Melanie Martinez’s range happens to be F3 to D5. This is perfectly fine, but this is not the biggest or boldest of voices.

Melanie Martinez more than makes up for having a thinner voice. She does this with her approach to music. Her style of singing is really expansive and creative.

When people hear her music come on, they know it’s Melanie. 

This is regardless of if they know that particular song. This makes her beyond worthy of the success she has had.

Having a big range is not super important. 

Many people discredit singers who lack a great deal of range. This is because of the way big voices are regarded both in the industry and among the general public.

Melanie is sometimes compared to Taylor Swift as a singer. 

I wrote about Taylor Swift and her approach to music in a recent article. She and Melanie Martinez have quite a bit in common, especially in their approach to the use of autotune on recordings and prerecorded vocals in concert.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Does Melanie Martinez sound good live?

Melanie Martinez has a great voice in her live performances. She sings a little stronger live than on some of her recordings and puts a lot of emotion into her songs.

As previously mentioned, Melanie’s style of music draws questions from many people.

They know she sounds good, but they also wonder how real what they are hearing is. This is partly because of her crystal-clear sound. We must remember that we got to know Melanie on The Voice. She had to sing live on that show in order to compete.

There are many examples of Melanie performing, and she sounds great. 

Of course, her songs don’t have the biggest of notes, but she sounds on key. This is despite moving around on stage.

Though she has a good voice, Melanie’s singing is only one part of her performances. It matters, but as mentioned before, she has a whole persona that she brings to her music. This can often be seen on stage when she performs.

Another singer she often gets compared to is Halsey. 

People have also wondered about how Halsey sounds live. I wrote all about her approach to music in a recent article. I even get into whether or not it’s true Halsey sings in cursive and how much autotune she uses.

Just click that link to read it on my site.


Melanie Martinez is one of the most exciting voices in music.

This is not because of her vocal range but due to her overall artistry. She has created her own sound, although she shares similarities with some artists.

Just like from her time on The Voice, people are used to breathy tones from Melanie. This is a mainstay in her music and truly sets the tone for her style.

It adds to the persona she has crafted for herself as an artist. 

Melanie has tons of fans, and it seems her star is ever-growing. She is another example of the fact that you don’t need a big voice to be a good singer. I’m excited to see what direction Melanie Martinez takes her music in the future.

Another example is Dua Lipa.

I wrote about her singing in a recent article. She’s a little different from Melanie in that she has a stronger, more soulful voice. But is it all autotune, or is Dua Lipa actually talented?

Just click that link to read it on my site.

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