Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Friends? Friendship Revealed

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been two of the biggest names in the music industry for years, and fans have been curious about the nature of their relationship after rumors of a feud between the two. Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry friends?

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have made amends and are friends again. While the two have not spoken about the feud and named each other directly in public, recent events have shown that the two are back in good terms.

So despite their past feud, they have reconciled and developed a supportive friendship.

In this article, we will explore the evolution of their relationship, from its rocky start to the supportive bond they share today. We will also address the rumors that have plagued their friendship and delve into the instances where they have collaborated on music projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s friendship had a rocky start but has since developed into a supportive bond
  • They have collaborated on music projects, showcasing their shared stage magic
  • Their friendship has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry and their personal lives

Taylor Swift Katy Perry friends live concert footage of both

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry: A Rocky Relationship

For years, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were embroiled in a feud that dominated tabloid headlines and social media.

The feud began in 2014 when Taylor Swift revealed that her single “Bad Blood” was about a fellow female pop star who had betrayed her. Although she never mentioned Katy Perry by name, it was widely speculated that the song was aimed at her.

“She did something so horrible. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.'”

– Taylor Swift in an interview with Rolling Stone

The feud intensified when Katy Perry hired some of Taylor Swift’s backup dancers for her own tour, leading Taylor to accuse her of “sabotage.” Katy responded with a cryptic tweet that seemed to confirm the feud:

“Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

– Katy Perry on Twitter

The two stars continued to trade jabs in interviews and on social media for years, until they finally reconciled in 2019.


In May 2018, Katy Perry extended an olive branch to Taylor Swift by sending her a literal olive branch and an apology note ahead of Taylor’s Reputation Stadium Tour. Taylor posted a video of the gift on her Instagram story with the caption “Thank you Katy.”

Later that year, Katy appeared in Taylor’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down,” dressed in a giant hamburger costume for a playful cameo. The two stars also exchanged friendly messages on social media, signaling an official end to their feud.

A New Chapter

Since their reconciliation, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have continued to show support for each other in their respective careers. Katy praised Taylor’s 2020 album “folklore” on social media, while Taylor showed her support for Katy’s new single “Smile.”

While their relationship may have once been rocky, it’s clear that Taylor and Katy have moved on and are now close friends.

Collaboration and Shared Stage Magic

Despite their rocky past, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have collaborated on several occasions, much to the delight of their fans. One such instance was their joint music video for Taylor’s hit song “You Need to Calm Down,” which featured Katy dressed as a burger and Taylor as fries.

The video showcased their fun-loving personalities and highlighted the message of unity and acceptance. The collaboration was a pleasant surprise for fans who had long hoped for them to put their differences aside and work together.

Collaborations Description
The 1989 World Tour In 2015, Katy surprised the crowd during Taylor’s “Bad Blood” performance at the 1989 World Tour, marking the first time they shared the stage together.
American Idol Katy and Taylor also appeared together as judges on American Idol in 2018, further solidifying their reconciliation.

The impact of their collaborations on the music industry cannot be overstated. It showed that forgiveness and growth are possible even after a long-standing feud. Their joint performances and appearances continue to generate buzz and excitement among fans.

As a result, the question on everyone’s mind is whether they will team up again in the future. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collaboration has proven to be a winning combination, leaving fans eagerly waiting for the next surprise announcement.

Supporting Each Other in the Spotlight

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have shown unwavering support for each other throughout their careers, both in public and on social media. In 2019, Perry shared a photo of cookies she received from Swift, captioning it “Peace at last.” This gesture marked a significant moment in their friendship, following their highly publicized feud.

Swift has also publicly supported Perry, praising her talent and success. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Swift applauded Perry’s hit song “Small Talk,” calling it “a perfect pop song.”

On social media, the two have frequently interacted with each other’s posts, leaving supportive comments and emojis. In 2018, Perry posted a photo of herself and Swift on Instagram, captioning it “4 years ago, I did not expect to be on this journey with you.” In response, Swift commented “Love you Katy Perry.”

Shared Social Media Posts

The two have also collaborated on social media, with Swift promoting Perry’s new music and Perry sharing Swift’s posts with her followers. They have both used their platforms to spread positivity and uplift each other.

The genuine support and admiration between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is a testament to the strength and authenticity of their friendship.

Navigating Rumors and Speculations

As with any high-profile friendship, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been the subject of rumors and speculations, with many fans and media outlets eager to know the status of their relationship. Here, we will separate fact from fiction and provide an in-depth look at the rumors surrounding the two stars.

The “Bad Blood” Music Video and Feud Rumors

One of the most notable rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s friendship is the alleged feud between the two musicians. The rumors began in 2014, when Swift released her hit song “Bad Blood.” The song was widely speculated to be about Perry, and the music video featured several celebrity cameos, including some of Perry’s close friends.

However, in a 2018 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Perry revealed that the feud between her and Swift was “just a misunderstanding.” She went on to say that she had apologized to Swift and that the two had “texted each other [and] reconciled.”

Rumors of Collaboration

Another commonly discussed rumor surrounding Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is the possibility of a collaboration between the two stars. Fans have speculated for years that the two musicians may team up for a music project, with many hoping to see a joint album or song.

As of now, there have been no official announcements of any such collaborations between the two. However, given their recent reconciliation and past friendly interactions, it’s possible that a joint project could be in the works.

Social Media Interactions

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have also been known to interact with each other on social media, often leaving supportive comments on each other’s posts or sharing photos of each other.

In 2019, Perry shared a photo on Instagram of a plate of cookies with “peace at last” written in frosting. The photo was tagged with Swift’s Instagram account, and Swift responded with several heart emojis in the comments section.

The Truth About Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s Friendship

Despite the rumors and speculations surrounding their relationship, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have shown time and time again that they are supportive friends. Whether it’s through acts of kindness, public displays of solidarity, or friendly social media interactions, their friendship is genuine and strong.

While it’s possible that there may be bumps in the road in the future, as is typical with any friendship, it’s clear that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have a bond that transcends rumors and speculation.


In conclusion, the friendship between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs. However, their bond has ultimately proven to be resilient and genuine. Despite the feud that existed between them for several years, they were able to reconcile and move forward, collaborating on music projects and supporting each other in their careers.

Throughout their journey, they have faced numerous rumors and speculations about their friendship. However, they have not let these distractions get in the way of their bond, handling the scrutiny with grace and poise.

Their friendship has had a significant impact on the music industry, with their collaborations and shared stage magic thrilling fans worldwide. Their support for each other has also been a source of inspiration for many, showcasing the power of female solidarity.

Overall, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s friendship is a testament to the fact that genuine connections can be made, even in the most unlikely of places. We can all learn from their journey and strive to build lasting friendships based on mutual respect, support, and understanding.


What was the history of their relationship?

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had a rocky relationship characterized by a public feud that lasted for several years. However, they have since resolved their differences and moved on.

Have Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collaborated on any music projects?

Yes, they have collaborated on music projects, including music videos and live performances. These collaborations have been significant in the entertainment industry.

How have Taylor Swift and Katy Perry supported each other in their careers?

They have shown support for each other through social media interactions and public displays of solidarity. Their friendship has been genuine and supportive.

What is the significance of their friendship?

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s friendship is significant as it showcases personal growth, forgiveness, and the power of reconciliation. It has also had a positive impact on the music industry.

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