Does Brendon Urie Use Autotune?

 Panic! At The Disco

Many people listen to the music of talented artists and wonder if they use autotune. Despite the longevity of Panic! At the Disco and the powerful voice behind them, fans often wonder, does Brendon Urie use autotune?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

As with most current pop stars, Brendon Urie does use some autotune on Panic! at the Disco recordings. However, its use is minimal and is more about how it alters the tone of his voice in relation to the music rather than correcting a poorly sung vocal track.

Over the years, Brendon has proven himself to be a superior vocalist.

He is also a true artist when measured by the risks he takes as a singer. However, he is a modern artist who seems to enjoy making music for the masses.

Typically, in order to “keep up” in the music industry, singers have to do what is considered current. Opinions aside, most of us have gotten accustomed to autotune in music. Because of this, music without it can sometimes sound unfinished to some people.

I did a little research into Brendon’s use of autotune. Does he use it? And if so, how much does he use it, and does he use any trickery in concert?

Here is what we found.

Does Brendon Urie have perfect pitch?

Brendon Urie does have perfect pitch, which is the ability to sing a note perfectly without accompaniment or a reference tone. He has demonstrated this in quite a few live performances.

A singer’s pitch is one of the most important attributes of their overall ability as a musical artist. This is because pitch deals with the general sound of a note or series of notes.

Listeners notice if a singer’s pitch is off.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, having perfect pitch is quite an accomplishment. Brendon Urie does seem to have perfect pitch. There have been many times where he has proven this.

Having perfect pitch entails more than simply being able to use the correct pitch.

It also means that a singer can identify a musical note played by an instrument or object, can sing a particular note without a reference note, can name several notes played after the other, and lastly, can identify the key of a musical piece.

Does Brendon Urie have good vocal technique?

Brendon Urie has some great vocal techniques and used a vocal coach to improve his technique when he was in a Broadway musical. However, he does sometimes compromise his vocal technique when he sings in his lower range.

Brendon is known as one of the best singers of his time in the music industry.

This is because he has a dynamic voice and has never been afraid to push it. However, this is not always the best thing for the voice.

According to some vocal experts, Brendon sometimes achieves his lower ranges through what they call questionable means.

The site Diva Devotte states that he does it by lowering his larynx. They also state that despite having perfect pitch, his sound is sometimes compromised due to his vocal technique.

Having good vocal technique is important for a singer due to many reasons.

For one, a bad technique could lead to damaged vocal cords and diminished vocal ability. Also, as previously mentioned, the sound or tone can be different when the proper vocal technique is not used.

But what about Fall Out Boy?

Why does Brendon sound so similar to FOB’s Patrick Stump? And why do both bands sound so similar? In a recent article, I explained exactly why, including the producers both bands like to share and how many FOB songs Brendon has actually sung on.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Does Brendon Urie sing live?

Brendon Urie does sing live. Fans are aware of this because the live version of Panic! At the Disco songs sounds different. However, like many modern singers, he does incorporate some lip-syncing and backing tracks.

A good example of this is some of the live videos of Brendon and Taylor Swift doing their song “Me!. They sing the bulk of the song live, but you hear a prerecorded line of Brendon singing, “there’s a lot of lame guys out there.”

He’s not lip-syncing. It’s more like a prerecorded backup vocal.

Brendon Urie is known as a dynamic singer not only for his voice but also because of his live shows. He is usually able to hit the notes, and he also moves around a great deal on stage. Fans can hear the breathing changes in Brendon’s live performances.

People also know that Brendon sings live because there are sometimes imperfections with his vocals. He is never a bad performer, but as previously mentioned, his technique is not always the best. Fans have noticed that some of his higher notes are not always clear.

Brendon is no stranger to occasionally using prerecorded vocals.

This is because, as an artist, there are certain times where the show would be better with some lip-syncing. For example, if Brendon is sick, it could do damage to his voice to try and use it for a full show.

Having said all that, I took my oldest daughter to see Panic! live in 2019 and was frankly blown away.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was a great show, and current controversies aside, Brendon was a great vocalist, performer, and entertainer with 2 of the highlights being his note-perfect rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and a solo piano version of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”.

For the latter, both he and his piano were suspended by wires above the crowd moving across the space while he played and sang that song.

It was nothing short of awesome.

How good is Brendon Urie’s voice?

Brendon Urie has an outstanding voice that covers 4 octaves ranging from the tenor range up to a soprano range. He also possesses perfect pitch.

Throughout the history of Panic! At the Disco, Brendon has been known as a great singer. He has a very bright and varied voice that can go from low notes to belting in the sixth octave with ease. One example of this is the song “This Is Gospel”.

Brendon has also showcased his tremendous vocal ability with his stint on Broadway in “Kinky Boots”.

Staring on Broadway requires not only a person who sounds good but also a person who can sing for eight shows per week. This means that the vocal cords have to be in great health.

According to vocal critics, Brendon’s voice covers 4 octaves, and he is a lyric tenor. He is known for having a voice that does not become drowned out by loud instruments. But he hits those high notes without having to resort to falsetto, like many male singers.

So does that make him a soprano?

In a recent article, I explored exactly how to classify Brendon’s voice, including the 1 thing he does that makes his voice a completely different category than tenor or soprano.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Many fans compare the sound of Panic! At the Disco to Fall Out Boy. This is because the lead singer of Fall out Boy, Patrick Stump, has a similar voice to Brendon Urie. They both have a wide vocal range and often hit higher notes than most male singers.

The two also have a similar sound because both groups have never been afraid to experiment with different sounds. Fans never know what to expect when either group releases new music.

Autotune vs No Autotune (Brendon Urie, Halsey & MORE)


Brendon Urie, the only remaining member of Panic! At the Disco, is known for his all-around great singing voice.

He may not always have the best vocal technique, but many argue that he will go down as one of the greatest singers. This is because of his 4-octave range as well as the way he pushes himself.

Brendon also uses minimal autotune as a way to bring the sounds together. This does not detract from his talent and showmanship as an artist.

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