Does Fall Out Boy Use Autotune?

Fall Out Boy has withstood the test of time in the music industry. Patrick Stump, the band’s lead singer, has been praised for his singing and wide vocal range. But does Fall Out Boy use autotune?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Fall Out Boy has utilized a small amount of autotune in their later recordings, having avoided it initially. However, its presence in their recordings is small compared to many pop artists.

But why did they start using it?

And do they use it because Patrick can’t hit the notes consistently? I looked a little further into Fall Out Boy’s use of autotune as well as Patrick Stump as a lead singer, and this is what I found.

What type of singer is Patrick Stump?

Patrick Stump is classified as a high tenor, and his style blends punk, rock, emo, and pop, and his voice covers three octaves and a minor sixth.

Patrick Stump is known as the lead singer of one of the most successful pop-punk bands of all time, although some classify them as emo.

His distinct vocal ability makes the music of Fall Out Boy stand out from the rest in many ways. Although mostly known for his work with Fall Out Boy, Patrick has also recorded a mostly R&B album.

Although the album, entitled Soul Punk, was not a traditional R&B album, it showed a different side to his singing. However, there has always been an element of soul to the way he sings Fall Out Boy songs.

Many fans point out that Patrick Stump sings in a way that truly evokes the feeling of experiencing the song’s subject matter. He has a light voice, but it packs a real punch for the audience.

He is often able to easily transition between low and high notes.

Patrick is also known for his use of melisma. This is when a singer sings a group of notes on one syllable. Some other singers who have been able to do this are Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.

Does Patrick Stump have perfect pitch?

Although a great singer, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump does not have perfect pitch.

As previously mentioned, Patrick Stump has a versatile singing voice that really brings the music of Fall Out Boy to life.

However, he is not one of the few singers that have perfect pitch. Having perfect pitch means a singer can identify tones and notes without a reference.

Although having perfect pitch is a great achievement for a singer, it doesn’t typically change the experience for the audience.

Fall Out Boy fans don’t get lesser music because Patrick Stump doesn’t have perfect pitch.

It also doesn’t mean that someone with perfect pitch is automatically a better singer than someone who does not have it.

Is Patrick Stump a good singer?

Patrick Stump is a good singer with a wide range, and he is often compared to Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, who is an outstanding vocalist.

Although Patrick is not the most popular member of Fall Out Boy (that title goes to Pete), his voice is one of the main things people talk about when it comes to their music. He has the type of voice that grabs the attention without being too aggressive.

Fall Out Boy is known for adding soul to their music!

Patrick sings with passion and soul in all of their songs. He does this in a way that makes the lyrics take center stage. He also tries different things with his voice, which is one of the reasons why Fall Out Boy has withstood the test of time.

One of the things that makes someone a good singer is their technique.

This is because a good vocal technique can make up for the shortcomings of a singer. Patrick Stump has a lighter voice, but his technique helps his voice achieve a ringing quality.

His vocal technique is especially displayed when he sings in the upper fourth and lower fifth octaves. Patrick Stump has also shown his ability to use a falsetto in their songs.

As I mentioned, his singing is often compared to Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco. 

But just how similar are they? Do they (or did they) share any members or producers? Check out this recent article where I get into the dozens of ways the 2 bands overlap.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Does Fall Out Boy use autotune live?

Fall Out Boy do not appear to use backing tracks or autotune in their live performances and perform 100% live for their fans.

The use of autotune in recorded tracks has been done for quite some time.

However, more recently than that, some artists have been using autotune while performing. Many don’t do it, but the practice is becoming more commonplace.

Many fans assume that Fall Out Boy uses some form of pitch correction when performing live. 

They assume this because Patrick has talked about their use of autotune in an interview from 2008 where he stated that the band had used it from time to time, even that far back.

However, this was regarding recorded tracks.

Having watched a number of YouTube performances of the band from a wide variety of years and shows, I saw no evidence of backing tracks or pitch correction used live.

Does Fall Out Boy lip sync?

Fall Out Boy do not lip-sync their concerts or use prerecorded backing tracks. The sound heard is 100% being played by the band live.

Lip syncing has become a fairly common practice in the music industry.

And a lot of times, it’s not because a band can’t play live. Concerts are huge events with a lot of people involved, and if a singer gets sick and the band can’t play, a lot of money is lost.

So sometimes bands have the option to lip-sync in their back pocket just for emergencies.

It is important to understand why some singers lip-sync. Touring is one reason why many of them do it. When an act is on the road, they are using their voice night after night, which is straining.

It is important for singers to take care of their voices.

They lip sync as a way to preserve their voice. This doesn’t mean they lip-sync each night or even for the full show. It just means they are relying on technology to not overuse their vocal cords.

So while I didn’t find any videos of the band lip-syncing, some fans have mentioned it in forums, so it is possible they reserve that option.

Patrick Stump's Best Live Vocals


Fall Out Boy is considered one of the most important Punk-Rock acts of the 21st century.

With each album, their sound has evolved, and Patrick Stump is a major reason for that success. He may not have the best voice, but he is a good singer with great vocal technique.

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