Is Olivia Rodrigo Taylor Swift’s Daughter?

Olivia Rodrigo is a newer pop star who has taken over the industry with her music. Since her debut, there has been a crazy rumor swirling that Taylor Swift is Olivia’s mom. So, is Olivia Rodrigo Taylor Swift’s daughter?

Olivia Rodrigo is not Taylor Swift’s daughter, nor is she related to Swift in any way. She is, however, a huge fan of Taylor Swift and even sampled a line from Taylor’s song New Year’s Day in her song Déjà vu.

And if you do the math, Swift would have only been 13 at the time of Rodrigo’s birth. So, while maybe not quite impossible, it would certainly have been a stretch to think Taylor was her mom.

This rumor got started because Olivia Rodrigo has passionately professed her love for Taylor Swift. This and some of the themes in her music are similar to those in Taylor’s early songs.

Rumors like this always start about new pop stars. This seems to happen because people love having weird fan theories to explain the simplest of occurrences.

This rumor made me curious about the relationship between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. Did Taylor help with Olivia’s album? Are they friends?

I looked into some of these questions, and this is what I found.

Does Taylor Swift have a daughter?

Taylor Swift does not have a daughter or kids in general. While it is rumored she recently married long-time boyfriend Joe Alwyn, no marriage has been confirmed, nor any plans for children.

The singer lives a very public life, but one question she has almost always evaded is “Does Taylor Swift Want Kids”. She has stated that she believes people should stop asking women if they desire to have children.

Taylor has, however, discussed having children. 

Despite not wanting to be asked about her future regarding children, Taylor said in 2020 that she and her boyfriend have considered having children.

The singer did not go into detail about when she would like this, but it is something they have talked about.

Given Swift’s rather checkered and complicated dating history before Alwyn, it’s not a surprise that she rarely talked about kids in the past.

What is the relationship between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift?

Olivia Rodrigo is simply a huge fan of Taylor Swift but while there is mutual admiration, they are not related nor friends. Rodrigo finally met her idol at the 2021 BRIT Awards. But they have not done a collaboration as of yet.

That weird rumor about Rodrigo being Swift’s daughter may have stemmed from an Instagram post.

Besides Olivia Rodrigo being a huge fan of Taylor Swift, their friendship publicly started in January of 2021, according to Bustle.

Olivia Shared a post on Instagram showing her song “Driver’s License” at number 3 on iTunes.

After this, Taylor commented

“I say that’s my baby and that I’m really proud,” which is a quote from a famous GIF of her mother being proud of Taylor.

After this, Olivia made a TikTok displaying her excitement about the interaction with her idol. Her song went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 soon after this.

What did the note say?

Olivia made sure to keep the contents of the handwritten note secret, which is only fitting.

But from here, the relationship between Taylor and Olivia has continued to grow. Taylor sent the young pop star a gift on March 3rd.

The gift was a ring for good luck and a handwritten letter. Olivia said the following to Sirius XM regarding her relationship with Swift, “I feel so lucky that I just was born at the right time to be able to look up to somebody like her.”

The time finally came for Olivia Rodrigo to meet Taylor Swift.

It was May of 2021, and they were both attending the BRIT Awards. Olivia shared the encounter on her Instagram with a group of emojis as the caption.

Did Taylor Swift help write Olivia Rodrigo’s album?

Taylor Swift did not help write Olivia’s album. However, Rodrigo did sample a line from Taylor’s song New Year’s Day in her song Déjà vu.

This is a question many people ask regarding Olivia Rodrigo’s album SOUR.

Some ask it because they think the style of the songs reminds them of some of Taylor’s music. Others for a different reason.

Are those Taylor Swift lyrics in “Déjà vu”?

Many people think Taylor Swift helped Olivia Rodrigo write her album because she has a writing credit. However, she did not write on the album.

As I mentioned, Oliva sampled a line from Taylor’s song New Year’s Day from the Reputation album.

It should also be remembered that the relationship between the two songstresses did not start until after Olivia’s album was probably recorded. Taylor inspired the lyrics because Olivia has studied Taylor’s music, but Taylor did not write on SOUR despite having a writing credit.

Giving credit to the original songwriter is important. 

Artists having writing credits on songs they did not write is a fairly common thing. There are often times when a certain line from a pre-existing song fits well in music presently being recorded.

This is how credit is given to the original writer of that line; it just so happens that it was Taylor in this case.

Is Olivia Rodrigo a Taylor Swift fan?

It has been very well documented that Olivia Rodrigo is a huge Taylor Swift fan and has been for many years. 

Olivia Rodrigo has professed her fandom of Taylor Swift many times.

She has cited the singer as one of her idols. One example of that is the sheer fact that she sampled “New Year’s Day” on her album.

She studied Taylor Swift’s songwriting.

The fact that Olivia Rodrigo is a fan of Taylor Swift can also be seen in her music. Taylor Swift is known for doing the majority of her songwriting. Olivia followed suit as every song on her album features her name as a lead writer.

Of course, other singers write their own music.

However, many artists are encouraged to use songwriters, which there is nothing wrong with. Olivia has stated that Taylor Swift was one of her big songwriting influences.

Taylor is a major influence on her life. 

It makes sense that being a Taylor Swift fan, she would want to be very involved with the songwriting. Taylor has been able to craft a very personal and unique sound with her music and approach to songwriting. 

Check out this recent article where I discuss Taylor’s music. The article goes in-depth to discuss her use of autotune, live singing, and the producers she works with.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Taylor Swift FANGIRLS Over 'Drivers License' By Olivia Rodrigo!


There have been many who have wondered if Olivia Rodrigo is somehow Taylor Swift’s daughter.

This likely came from the comment Taylor left on Olivia’s Instagram post. Although not related, the two have a strong connection.

Olivia considers Taylor to be her idol.

She has studied her music career and has been able to use valuable lessons in these early stages of her stardom. Taylor Swift seems to want to be a support system for the young singer.

And as of right now at least, Taylor Swift doesn’t have any kids.

Up-and-coming artists need to have someone to look up to. Many artists have spoken about not being able to build connections with their idols, so Olivia is lucky.

As an example, Lady Gaga had spoken before about how it felt to not be embraced by people like Madonna when she first started in the industry.

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