Is Zac Brown Married? – Discover the Country Star’s Love Life

Country music sensation Zac Brown is widely admired for his impressive vocals, catchy tunes, and soulful lyrics. However, his fans are equally curious about his personal life, especially since his sudden divorce in 2018. But these days, is Zac Brown married?

Zac Brown, the lead singer of the Zac Brown Band, married Kelly Yazdi on August 31 in Coweta County, Georgia. This marriage came a little over a year after Yazdi was spotted with a large engagement ring, indicating their engagement.

Of course, Zac was previously married to Shelly Brown, the mother of their 5 children, from 2006-2018.

In this comprehensive article, we will dive deep into Zac Brown’s love life and explore the current status of his relationship. While the country star is famously private about his personal affairs, we have scoured the internet to bring you all the latest information regarding his marriage status, past relationships, family life, and dating history.

Is Zac Brown still married to Shelly Brown?

Zac Brown, the renowned frontman of the Zac Brown Band, is no longer married to Shelly Brown.

The couple, who had a 12-year marriage, parted ways in 2018. Their relationship, spanning over a decade, was highlighted by shared interests and a deep connection to music, with Shelly often seen supporting Zac at his concerts and events. Together, they have five children: daughters Justice, Lucy, Georgia, Joni, and son Alexander.

The end of Zac and Shelly’s marriage was marked by a mutual decision to separate, a move that was announced with respect for their shared history and family. Despite the split, both Zac and Shelly have maintained a focus on co-parenting their children, ensuring that their family dynamics remain as stable and supportive as possible.

Post his split from Shelly, Zac Brown’s personal life took a new turn with his engagement to Kelly Yazdi.

A model and actress, Yazdi shares Brown’s passion for the outdoors and sports, marking a new chapter in his life. The couple got engaged in Hawaii, a significant step for Brown after his first marriage. Their engagement was subtly revealed through social media, where Yazdi was seen sporting a diamond ring in a video celebrating Brown’s birthday.

Yazdi, distinct in her own right, is a SAG-AFTRA actress, stuntwoman, and professional model. She is the founder of the Ride Wild Organization, reflecting her adventurous spirit and commitment to changing perceptions of women in powersports. This aspect of her personality seems to align well with Brown’s own interests, hinting at a shared lifestyle and values.

As Brown moves forward with Yazdi, it’s clear that his past with Shelly Brown remains a significant part of his journey. Their shared history, particularly as parents, continues to play a role in their lives. However, with his engagement to Yazdi, Zac Brown has stepped into a new phase, marking a clear end to his marriage with Shelly Brown.

Is Zac Brown married to someone new?

Zac Brown, the frontman of the Zac Brown Band, is indeed married to someone new.

Following his divorce from Shelly Brown in 2018, after a 12-year marriage, Zac Brown has started a new chapter in his personal life. He married  , a model and actress, on August 31, 2023 in Coweta County, Georgia.

The couple had been engaged for over a year before their wedding, with Kelly previously spotted wearing a large engagement ring.

Kelly Yazdi is an accomplished individual, known for her adventurous spirit, work in modeling and acting, and for founding the Ride Wild Organization. The couple shares common interests in outdoor activities and sports, which likely played a significant role in their connection.

Zac and Kelly’s wedding was a low-key affair, reflecting their preference for privacy in their relationship. Zac Brown’s marriage to Kelly Yazdi represents a significant new phase in his life, distinct from his previous marriage to Shelly Brown, with whom he shares five children.

Yazdi, 31, brings her own unique personality to the relationship.

She is not only a model and actress but also a born adventurer and founder of the Ride Wild Organization, aiming to redefine the role of women in motorsports. Her background includes being an events producer, SAG-AFTRA actress, stuntwoman, and professional model.

Yazdi grew up in rural Minnesota, where she developed her love for outdoor activities like riding horses, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles.

How did Zac Brown meet Kelly Yazdi?

The specifics of how Zac Brown met Kelly Yazdi are not widely publicized or detailed in major media reports.

However, it’s apparent from their shared interests and public appearances that their paths may have crossed in environments where their common passions align. Brown, known for his deep connection to music and the outdoors, and Yazdi, an adventurer and nature enthusiast, both share a love for sports and outdoor activities, which could have facilitated their meeting.

Yazdi, a model, actress, and founder of the Ride Wild Organization, is known for her adventurous spirit and involvement in outdoor sports, particularly motorsports. This aligns closely with Brown’s well-known love for the outdoors.

He has often expressed his affinity for nature and outdoor activities in his music and public appearances. Their common interests in outdoor activities, including fishing and football, suggest that they might have met through these shared passions.

Brown’s engagement to Yazdi was a quiet affair, revealed subtly through a video posted on Instagram where Yazdi was seen wearing a large diamond ring. This low-key approach to their relationship has been consistent, with minimal details about their private life being shared publicly.

The couple has maintained a degree of privacy regarding their relationship, including the early stages of their romance.

When did Zac Brown get engaged to Kelly Yazdi?

Zac Brown, the lead vocalist of the Zac Brown Band, got engaged to Kelly Yazdi, a model and actress, in a rather private and subtle manner.

The exact date of their engagement wasn’t officially announced, but clues from social media and reports suggest that the proposal occurred earlier in 2023 (or perhaps late 2022) before it became public knowledge. The couple’s engagement became evident in the summer, with speculation that they had been engaged for some time.

The first public hint of their engagement surfaced in a video posted on Instagram on July 31, a day significant for being Brown’s birthday. In this video, Kelly Yazdi was seen with a prominent diamond ring on her finger. The ring’s appearance in the video was the first tangible sign of their engagement, leading to widespread speculation and eventual confirmation from various media sources.

The proposal is believed to have taken place in Hawaii.

This romantic setting aligns well with the couple’s shared love for adventure and the outdoors. However, the specifics of the proposal, such as the exact date and location within Hawaii, remain private, reflecting the couple’s preference for maintaining a certain level of privacy in their relationship.

Yazdi, known for her adventurous spirit and professional achievements as an actress and model, and Brown, renowned for his successful music career, have kept details of their relationship relatively private. The couple shares a passion for outdoor activities, including fishing and being avid sports fans, which likely played a role in their connection.

Are Zac Brown and Shelly Brown still friends?

After their 12-year marriage ended in 2018, there has been no public information or statements indicating whether they have maintained a friendship post-divorce.

Typically, in cases of high-profile separations, especially when children are involved, efforts are made to keep family dynamics as amicable as possible. Zac and Shelly share five children, which often necessitates a level of cooperation and cordiality for effective co-parenting. However, without explicit statements or evidence from either Zac Brown or Shelly Brown, the nature of their current relationship beyond co-parenting remains private and unknown.

Zac did, however, issue this statement:

“I couldn’t have a more amazing mom for them. They’re our first priority and they’ve got steadiness and love from both sides. Our kids are a product of all the love and time we give them.”


In conclusion, Zac Brown’s personal life has seen significant changes in recent years.

Following his divorce from Shelly Brown in 2018, after a 12-year marriage, Zac embarked on a new journey with Kelly Yazdi. The couple, sharing a love for the outdoors and adventure, got engaged and later married in 2023 in a private ceremony in Georgia.

While details about Zac’s current relationship with his ex-wife Shelly are not publicly known, their co-parenting arrangement for their five children suggests a level of mutual respect.

Zac Brown’s transition from his first marriage to finding love again with Yazdi highlights his journey through significant life changes, both personally and professionally as the frontman of the Zac Brown Band.

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