What Were Paul McCartney’s Last Words to Linda?

Linda McCartney, the late wife of legendary musician Paul McCartney, died of breast cancer. While many have heard that Paul paid an eloquent tribute to her, they want to know what was said. So what were Paul McCartney’s last words to Linda?

Paul McCartney’s last words to Linda were: “You’re up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion. It’s a fine spring day. We’re riding through the woods. The bluebells are all out, and the sky is clear-blue”.

In her final moments, McCartney was present with his wife Linda to comfort her by reciting the words I just mentioned above.

However, the singer barely got to the end of his sentence when Linda “closed her eyes and gently slipped away.”

Did Paul ever refill the void that Linda’s passing created? Why did he marry again? Does he still miss Linda?

Let us find out:

Was Paul McCartney mean to Linda?

Paul McCartney supposedly admitted that he was verbally abusive to Linda during his “Scottish Exile” period after walking out of The Beatles.

Linda and Paul tied the knot in 1969. Linda gave him the strength to work again after the breakup of The Beatles and supposedly lived an idyllic marriage.

However, her literary confidant Peter Cox revealed the details of the domestic discord that Paul McCartney and Linda went through.

Cox said:

“Linda was so unhappy that she wanted to leave Paul at one point. Occasionally I’d find Linda in tears, obviously distressed and trapped. Paul had an opinion about everything.”

This distress soon started to echo in the relationship when Paul’s alcohol binges led to slight abuses, although primarily verbal.

But Paul has vigorously denied the accusations.  

And it’s long been said that Linda was no wallflower. She was quite a physical match for Paul and could easily give a good fight if he ever tried to abuse her physically.

For all we know, the only thing Paul abused was marijuana. He adored his wife and was heartbroken after she died.

What were Linda McCartney’s last days like?

Linda McCartney’s final days were mixed with emotions. While she tried to stay positive, there were days full of restlessness. But she was also optimistic of a recovery. She succumbed to breast cancer in 1998.

After discovering that Linda’s condition had become severe, Paul and doctors decided not to inform her in hopes of keeping her positive.

From her treatment days, she hardly ever lost her appetite. People would drop by to check up on her, but she would always say:

“No, don’t worry, we’re going to lick this thing.” 

She stayed positive but always understood the gravity of her situation. And then, unfortunately, the worst possibility came when doctors discovered infected nodes in large numbers.

She went into a coma for a day. The night she died, Paul was with her. Linda felt restless all night, and the duo kept hopping in and out of bed in the hospital.

Paul “called the nurse about 3 in the morning, and at 5, Linda died.”

While researching possible reasons which may have caused her cancer, I found that her vegetarian diet could have possibly been the cause of her cancer. Read my recent article to know about it in detail.

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Is it true that Paul and Linda McCartney never spent a night apart?

The only time Paul and Linda McCartney were away from each other was when Paul spent nine days in prison in Japan for drug possession. The couple was reunited once he was released and never spent another night without one another. 

Linda broke the hearts of millions of teenage girls when she married Paul McCartney- The Beatles’ rock star member. And it was a match made in heaven.

After walking out of The Beatles, his wife helped him steer through life’s challenges. The couple moved to Scotland and worked on several projects.

He taught her to play keyboards, and Linda sang backing vocals for a few albums such as McCartney and Ram.

From the start, Linda was an honest and down-to-earth woman. The couple formed the band Wings together, allowing them to enjoy critical success.

And really, at the time, Wings were almost as successful as The Beatles had been.

But what about the other guy who helped start Wings, Denny Laine?

Denny had been in the Moody Blues but was the only other constant member of Wings aside from Paul and Linda. Are he and Paul still friends?

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When Linda was not touring, she documented her life in photographs. She tended to her family and stood by her husband’s side.

They were never apart and stayed together till Linda passed away in 1998.

What were Linda McCartney’s last words?

The final moments of Linda McCartney remain to be quite a private affair. Nobody exactly knows her last words except that she made a previous call to a friend to say, “I love you, Carla.” 

In 1995 Linda found a lump under her arm which indicated a manifestation of cancer. The following year Paul was awarded a knighthood.

By the time Paul went to be formally knighted by the Queen, Linda was too ill. She gave her husband a watch with the engraving:

To Paul, my knight in shining armor”  

The same summer, Linda’s treatment began. She looked worn out and tired. She talked to her friend Carla Lane about her disease.

It was very out of character for Linda to casually express her emotions to someone. But her friend Carla sensed something awful was about to happen when Linda said the words “I love you, Carla.”.

Linda stayed positive, and her family stayed together with her. Her final days were a mix of overwhelming emotions which remained private. None of the family members revealed what Linda’s last words were.

How long after Linda McCartney died did Paul remarry?

Paul McCartney married Heather Mills in 2002, four years after Linda’s death. However, they began dating in 2000, just 2 years after Linda’s death. McCartney remained married to Mills for 6 years ending in a bitter divorce.

And then Paul later married for a 3rd time to Nancy Shevell in 2011, and they are still married at this time.

Paul fared well to his wife Linda McCartney, who passed away after struggling with breast cancer for three years. A whole community of near and dear ones came together to extend their goodbye to Linda during a civil cremation ceremony, including Heather, Mary, Stella, and Beatles’ past members.

I heard that everyone came together to provide emotional support to Paul.

But were there any Beatles members who didn’t attend Linda’s funeral? Read my recent article to know the names of the A-listers who attended the memorial service. And was Yoko invited?

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It was a tragic end to a beautiful relationship. Paul tried keeping a stiff upper lip; he tried to move on by marrying Heather Mills in 2002, but that marriage failed.

But his marriage to Nancy appears to be thriving.

Linda McCartney's Sad Passing Tributes and More


Paul McCartney gained worldwide fame as a member of The Beatles. His onstage life was as vibrant as his offstage life because of his lady love Linda McCartney.

Linda stayed with Paul through every challenge of life. However, their lovely relationship hit a tragic turn when Linda was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

To make his wife’s final days full of positivity, Paul decided to stay with his wife till the end. And he did. Paul was there with Linda in her last days and comforted her whenever she felt restless.

Paul remembers the day Linda died to be a roller coaster ride.

When Linda was anxious the whole night, Paul spoke to her the following words “You’re up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion. It’s a fine spring day. We’re riding through the woods. The bluebells are all out, and the sky is clear-blue”. And apparently, these were also Paul’s last words to his loving wife.

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