Did Melanie Martinez Shave Her Eyebrows Off?

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Melanie Martinez is known for her unique music style and her funky style in terms of her appearance. But did Melanie Martinez shave her eyebrows off?

Here’s what I found out:

Melanie Martinez shaves the ends of her eyebrows but not the entire eyebrow. She likes the freedom to add color to them and change the way the ends look with eyebrow pencils and other makeup.

Melanie’s style is a hot topic of conversation, so I wanted to do some digging.

Many people call her goth, but is she? Also, what is her clothing style? I’ll dive deep into this and more.

Let’s get into it!

Are Melanie Martinez’s eyebrows always drawn in?

Melanie Martinez always draws in the ends of her eyebrows, but not the entire eyebrow. However, she may use an eyebrow pencil on both of her entire eyebrows to blend in the drawn-on part.

So Melanie Martinez’s eyebrows are not completely drawn on. She only shaved the ends. Melanie also bleaches her eyebrows to make adding color easier.

In this sense, they are drawn on, but it’s not her full eyebrow.

However, she does have to fill them in since they are bleached. If she did not do this, it would look like she had no eyebrows at all.

Melanie likes a dramatic effect.

The decision to shave off the ends of her eyebrows is a bold one. It makes sense because it’s the ends of your eyebrows that add expression. This allows her to achieve a more dramatic and unique look.

This has become a major part of her aesthetic.

It should also be remembered that pop stars often need to have “their thing”. They need something about them that stands out.

This happens to be one of Melanie’s things that makes her stand out.

What is Melanie Martinez’s clothing style?

Melanie Martinez’s style is based on a casual Lolita look. The Lolita look came from Japan and focused heavily on Victorian clothing. Casual Lolita simply focuses on being less fancy and a more everyday look.

Many substyles of this exist, including more well-known (but maybe dated) styles like steampunk. Brands of clothing that tend to specialize in a casual Lolita look include:

  • Emily Temple Cute
  • Jane Marple
  • Leur Getter
  • Melody BasKet
  • Milk
  • Physical Drop

Melanie Martinez’s look is a topic of conversation for many reasons. This is because most people don’t know what to call it. She’s not a tomboy, she’s not a girly girl, but what is she?

Melanie Martinez has a unique look.

She mixes a Lolita-inspired look with pastels and grunge motives. It makes her stand out while also adding to the crybaby effect used in her music.

Speaking of that, I wrote about her voice in a recent article. In it, I explored how she sings and if she uses autotune. Just click that link to read it on my site.

There is a great deal more to Melanie than her eyebrows. She also uses things such as small bows and hair clips. This serves as a contradiction to her many tattoos.

Again, Melanie Martinez has found a way to stand out from the rest.

While this may not be the highest fashion look, it’s still forward-thinking. This is what fashion is all about. Melanie’s presentation is just a bit different when compared to other clothing choices.

Is Melanie Martinez a pastel goth?

Melanie Martinez is a pastel goth. Pastel goth was a look first popularized in Japan around 2008-2010 and mixes a childlike style with a more traditional gothic look.

There is a name for everything, and people want to know how Melanie’s style is categorized. She is considered what is called a pastel goth. You can probably guess what that means.

Pastel goth essentially means that Melanie mixes pastel colors with dark and goth themes. This adds an aesthetic that can be difficult to understand. This can even be seen in the way she styles her hair and eyebrows.

For those not in the know, pastel goth is a bit of a subculture.

While not super popular, many millennials are familiar with the look. Melanie is bringing a spotlight to that genre of style and art.

Her music mirrors her style.

It should be noted that Melanie’s look is an extension of her music. Melanie’s music is dark but explores themes from the point of view of a child.

She’s a true visionary.

I wrote more about her approach to music in a recent article. In it, I explored whether or not she writes her own music. After all, many pop stars just show up, play other people’s songs with musicians the label or producer selected. Is she like that too?

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Does Melanie Martinez always wear makeup?

Melanie Martinez is known for her bold makeup. However, she does not always wear makeup. But it is a big part of her style as a pop star, and she will be seen wearing makeup most of the time.

Her makeup tends to be colorful and very heavy.

This is especially true around the eyes and for her lipstick. It gives her a fun pastel goth look, but it also sometimes seems very classic.

Again, there are times where Melanie goes barefaced.

This is not the common look for her, but she likes to change it up. Both the no make-up and the face full of cosmetics look work for Melanie.

Melanie Martinez has a full aesthetic that flows well. From her tattoos to her eyebrows and her clothing choices. She was born to be an artist.

How do I dress like Melanie Martinez?

Dress like Melanie Martinez by mixing goth styles with elements of children’s fashion such as pastel colors and bows. Additionally, elements of casual Lolita fashion such as a cardigan over a skirt or Victorian dress will also help cultivate her look.

As mentioned before, Melanie’s look comes from a subculture.

It’s called pastel goth, and it’s decently popular among a section of millennials. You can dress like Melanie Martinez by researching this aesthetic.

Essentially, it’s about finding bold ways to mix pastels with goth vibes. This look can be enhanced with some bold makeup choices. It helps to create a surprised look for the face.

If you are not someone who has tattoos already, the use of temporary ones could also come in handy. Tattoos are not required for this look.

But it is a part of what makes Melanie Martinez who she is.

Overall, creating the Melanie Martinez look is about being original. The pastel goth look is nothing new, but Melanie has personalized it.

You can do the same while also being inspired by her.

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Melanie Martinez is a style icon for many people.

Her fashion may not be what you see on the cover of Vogue, but she has made a mark for herself. Melanie’s look truly stands out. And it’s not just her clothes! Martinez has a gap in her teeth that she shows with pride and is also part of her style.

Over time, she has crafted this overall approach to being a pop star that is uniquely her own, and it can be shown in how she dresses and does her makeup.

Melanie even went as far as to bleach her eyebrows. This shows dedication, although I do not suggest anyone do this at home.

Photo which requires attribution:

Melanie Martinez by DeShaun Craddock is licensed under CC2.0 and was cropped, edited, and had a text overlay added.

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